Who are Thomas Fox and Christopher Fox , Julia Fox’s father and brother?

Thomas Fox was born in 1957
Christopher Fox is depicted by his family members as a ‘crazy lab rat loner’
Sketchy things were found in the dad child pair’s Manhattan home

Julia Fox’s brother has been accused of a large number of wrongdoings after cops found an assortment of upsetting things in their Manhattan condo.


The assault early Wednesday turned up phantom weapons, bomb-production materials, and proof of opiates fabricating.

Unidentified pills, a pill press, fentanyl, pressure cookers, chloroform, heroin, propane, explosives materials and formaldehyde were likewise found.

Christopher Fox, 30, and Thomas Fox, 65, were captured and taken from their Upper East Side home before Christopher was charged.

Who are Thomas Fox and Christopher Fox? Born in 1957, Thomas Fox is the dad of Italian-American entertainer and model Julia Fox (born 1990) and Christopher Fox (born 1993). Thomas Fox is American.

The presentation execution of his girl Julia Fox in the 2019 film Whole Diamonds procured her a designation for the Cutting edge Entertainer Grant at the Gotham Grants.

His child, Christopher Fox is portrayed by his family members as a ‘insane lab rat loner, He constructs 3D printers for no particular reason,” according to The New York Post.


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As per policing, cops attacked Thomas and his child Christopher Fox’s Manhattan home in Walk 2023 and found phantom firearms and proof of opiates producing.

As per sources, police dropped on the Upper East Side home of Christopher and Thomas Fox around 6 a.m. as a feature of a bigger phantom firearm examination. Agents found apparition weapons, which are firearms with no discernible chronic numbers and are every now and again sold in pieces, as well as 3D-printed parts like lower collectors.

Cops likewise recuperated 3D printers and polymer material.

As indicated by the sources, they likewise found unidentified pills, a pill press, pressure cookers, fentanyl, chloroform, heroin, propane, formaldehyde, and materials regularly used to make explosives. Large number of dollars in top of the line wine bottles were found blended in with the booty, as per the sources.

The New York Police Office affirmed that its significant case field insight group executed a court order at the structure where Christopher and Thomas Fox resided, and that two unidentified people were captured.