Who Did Taylor Swift Date at 19 Years Old? Her Relationship With John Mayer Explained

Enthusiasts of vocalist lyricist Taylor Quick are going on and on over about the reward track “Would’ve, Could have, Ought to have been” and its cryptic reference to a relationship she was in when she was 19 following the arrival of her much anticipated new collection “Midnights.”

After the arrival of the collection, her fans, known as Swifties, crashed Spotify and took over web-based entertainment with a huge number of salutary messages and, obviously, a great deal of hypotheses.


In spite of the fact that there have been many bits of hearsay about the subject of the melody, it is ideal to be protected than sorry.

Who Did Taylor Quick Date at 19 Years of age? Taylor Quick was in a tentatively satisfactory relationship with John Mayer in 2019. Taylor Quick alludes to this relationship on the extra tracks of Midnights.

At the point when Taylor was 19 and John was 32, the previous couple, who dated for a concise period somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2010, began dating.

The 11-time Grammy Grant champ recorded a melody named “Good” after they separated “Wouldn’t you say I was too youthful to possibly be played with, Dear John?” she warbled.

“Yet again do you not really accept that that 19 is excessively youthful?” Apparently her most recent tune, “Would’ve, Could have, Ought to have been,” references those heartbreaking words.

In the chorale, Taylor murmurs, “And I damn absolutely could not have possibly played with fire at 19.” As she sings about how agonizing the recollections of their relationship are to her. Now that she is more established, she keeps on recalling their association.

Taylor additionally recognizes that she shouldn’t have been with John and keeps on considering herself responsible for the resulting wounds.

Taylor Quick Midnights Collection Made sense of
American artist musician Taylor Quick’s 10th studio collection, Midnights, was made accessible on October 21, 2022, by Republic Records.

The collection, which Quick declared during the 2022 MTV Video Music Grants, is her most memorable significant group of fresh out of the plastic new material since 2020’s Evermore.

Along with Jack Antonoff, Quick co-composed and created the idea collection Midnights, which she portrayed as a “venture through dread and great dreams” and “13 fretful evenings” of her life.

With Midnights, Quick continued her standard collection carry out after meagerly advancing her past studio collections. From September 21 to October 7, 2022, she shared the tracklist through a TikTok series named Midnights Disorder with Me.

Lana Del Rey is included on “Snow Around the ocean,” the fourth melody. On October 21, the “3am Editionunexpected “‘s arrival of seven extra tracks to real time features.

Music pundits recognized Midnights’ reason, limited creation, and authentic songwriting, and it got far and wide acknowledgment.

Taylor Quick And John Mayer’s Relationship Indeed! Somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2010, Taylor and John had a short relationship. At that point, she was 19 and he was 32. A delicate subject that propelled a contacting line in the melody with a similar name, Dear John.

While they were dating, the two co-composed tunes together, and in the years that followed, they would tear each other separated with their own words. In any case, it’s protected to presume that in this contention, most of people were Group Quick.

Taylor was initially reached by John by means of Twitter in Walk 2009, which was apparently the main technique he could reach out to her.

John contrasted the Dauntless vocalist with Fleetwood Macintosh’s unbelievable Stevie Nicks in a tweet about needing to record a tune with her.

Taylor was clearly captivated to discover that John needed to team up with her as of now since she had as of late distributed her subsequent collection.

Between December 2009 and somewhere near the center of 2010, they were supposedly an authority couple. Sadly, the couple headed out in different directions around February 2010