Who Is Actor And Dancer Nakul Thampi? His Accident Recovery And Current Condition Update

A notable Indian craftsman Nakul Thampis went through a horrendous mishap, experiencing a serious physical issue.

Nakul Thampis is an artist that transformed into an entertainer and model. He came to the spotlight subsequent to partaking in the hit unscripted TV drama “D 4 Dance,” where he prevailed upon the general population with his ability.


As he was radiating on his vocation, the awful news stroke the web, which crushed everybody, including his supporters and close ones. The rising craftsman went through a terrifying fender bender that harmed him harshly.

His devotees actually petition God for him while missing him on the stage and need him on the screen sooner. In any case, we should figure out how everybody’s heart breaker is doing in the current day.

Nakul Thampi Accident Recovery Update In 2022 A striking craftsman Nakul Thampi is as yet recuperating in 2022 from his mishap on 5 January 2020, which left him basically harmed. The occurrence happened when he got back from an excursion with his companions.

The deadly accident happened when his vehicle crashed into a transport near Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Thampi went through a horrendous and basic cerebrum injury, nasal break, and a disjoined hip clavicle.

It was a wonder he endure the terrible mishap with a merciless effect. He, who was sitting in the front seat, was raced to the clinic in the wake of supporting extreme wounds.

He has not woken up yet; in any case, the specialist, who is determining the status of him, informed the family that the craftsman is as yet recuperating.

The clinical group has not given any timetable for his total recuperation yet. Also, the muscular group chose to go through hip medical procedure after he restored his awareness. Up to that point, everybody wants for his quick recuperation.

His brother genuinely expressed, “My typically anxious and jolly brother being out of commission in the ICU consistently had been the most vexing truth of our lives.”

Yet again with the implores and great wishes of his loved ones, the craftsman could recuperate sooner before very long, and ideally, his devotees will actually want to see him on the screen.

Where Could Nakul Thampi Now be? Most recent News On Dancer Nakul Thampi is disabled regardless recuperating from his extreme mishap wounds. His family gathered the asset for his rapid recuperation and acquired a few wishes.

Previously, his dear companion Priya Varrier visited him and shared an image of her holding his hands, wishing him to recover soon. Additionally, the pledge drive who has been gathering cash for his treatment has quit raising support in the current day.

His friends and family have remained low-profile for the second and still can’t seem to share more updates on the cherished artist. We trust his family will get the required strength while the entertainer is mending.

Subtleties On Nakul Thampi Girlfriend 21-years of age Nakul Thampi is known to be single and doesn’t have a sweetheart. In any case, he recently dated an entertainer, Sania Iyyappan.

Sania sincerely referenced, “I miss him such a lot of now. He’s actually recuperating. I have not had the option to go see him yet. We had a separation quite a while back. We met once after that. We are still old buddies. Nakula’s mom settles on video decisions, and I converse with Nakula.”