Who Is Adriano Barbosa TikTok? Beleza Meme Explained


Es Adriano Barbosa is a Portuguese TikTok star. The time has come for us to become accustomed to “was” rather than “is” on the grounds that Barbosa allegedly died today, 1 August 2022. He was renowned for his expression “Beleza,” which he habitually utilized while responding to his supporters’ inquiries.

Barbosa generally posted his contents in his local language, Portuguese; in this manner, recovering data about what he discusses in his TikTok recordings can challenge. In any case, let us plunge into what we know about the Portuguese TikTok superstar Es Adriano Barbosa and his slogan “Beleza.”


Who Es Adriano Barbosa From TikTok? Es Adriano Barbosa, present on TikTok as @adrianobarboza333, is a Portuguese TikTok maker with 262.3 thousand devotees and 4.6 million preferences on the application.

Barbosa generally utilizes his local language while making TikTok recordings, however anybody can figure he makes entertaining recordings on TikTok. It very well may be challenging for individuals overall to interpret his comical inclination thinking about the language boundary, however his catchline “Beleza” rises above any phonetic hindrance.

Yet, we surmise we can not hear a greater amount of “Beleza” from the TikTok craftsman since he died today. It very well may be somebody from Barbosa’s family posting through his record @adrianobarboza333 on the grounds that as of late, the record posted a video demonstrating that Barbosa died of pneumonia and cardiovascular arrest.

Some individuals had one or two glaring misgivings about the disastrous circumstance and, surprisingly, thought his TikTok handle was hacked. At all, the elective client behind @adrianobarboza333, who presumably is the TikTok client @juju._.00000, obviously demonstrated that he died at 34 years old. The relationship of @juju._.00000 with Adriano Barbosa is yet to be out.

With huge number of supporters on TikTok, Barbosa’s family and his dispossessed soul are getting numerous sympathies through the application. In the mean time, a Youtuber João Paulo Grandão with 103 thousand endorsers, likewise posted a video named “Image DO BELEZA – ELE MORREU,” which means “Beleza Meme – He Died,” on 1 August 2022.

Adriano Barbosa’s Beleza Meme Explained The Beleza Meme radiates from the TikTok action of Es Adriano Barbosa. Prior to continuing on toward the image, let us comprehend what Beleza implies.

The word Beleza means magnificence in the English language. The expression likewise demonstrates an interjection that attests, “How decent/cool.” what’s more, it even requests an attestation as “Alright.” The abbreviation blz for Beleza is broadly utilized in images, web-based entertainment, and instant messages in Brazil.

Adriano Barbosa is viral on TikTok for utilizing the word Beleza while addressing his devotees’ inquiries. He has his own impossible to miss tune while conveying the word. He pulls the word to a lengthier pitch and adds his clever side to it, making it articulated like “belezaaaan.” His viral video with the expression “Beleza” as of now has in excess of 1,000,000 perspectives.

Adriano Barbosa On Twitter Barbosa doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account, yet clients of the application are likewise in distress following his passing.

“#BDSP This weekend, Adriano Barbosa died here in Bariri, from the expression “belezaaaa” that previously had a huge number of devotees via virtual entertainment. He was a battling man who needed to give personal satisfaction to his loved ones. I recorded this video for you folks, however I lacked opportunity and energy to watch it air. #mourning #beauty”, a Twitter client tweeted on the passing of Es Adriano Barbosa.

Adriano likewise had an Instagram record of username @adrianobarbozabeleza with 5387 devotees. He cited himself as a “Computerized force to be reckoned with” in his Instagram bio.