Who is Adrienne Neta, California woman kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in Israel?

Adrienne Neta, a 66-year-old occupant of a kibbutz close to the Gaza line, was trapped in the savage attack in Be’eri
Her child Nahar Neta mournfully related during a Tel Aviv public interview
Her destiny stays obscure since the assault, with no further correspondence from her

In the repercussions of the staggering Hamas attack in Israel guaranteeing more than 1,000 lives, including 27 American residents, families on the two sides of the Atlantic wrestled with the unsure destiny of their friends and family.


As the White House affirmed that 14 Americans were still unaccounted for, it stayed muddled whether some of them were being held hostage by the Palestinian gathering.

While the personalities of the missing people were not formally delivered, reports recommended they incorporated a mother and girl from Chicago, a new secondary school move on from Long Island, and a youthful celebration participant who might have been seriously harmed. President Biden consoled the impacted groups of progressing endeavors to find and save the missing, underlining the obligation to their protected return.

As petitions to heaven went on for the missing people, U.S. authorities kept up with correspondence with the families, giving essential updates in the difficult time of vulnerability and misery.

Who is Adrienne Neta?

Adrienne Neta is 66-year-old mother of Nahar Neta. Nahar Neta attempted to contain his feelings during a press preparation in Tel Aviv recently. He described the troubling experience of endeavoring to comfort his kid mother, Adrienne, who dwelled in a kibbutz close to the Gaza line.

As per Neta, aggressors had attacked her home in Be’eri, prompting panicked shouts that his kin on the call had caught wind of. Unfortunately, there has been no correspondence from her since the occurrence.