Who is Alex Kean, Chynna Marston’s fiance?

Alex Kean: Life partner of Chynna Marston, having to deal with creature government assistance penalties
Charged by Dashing NSW for abuse of ponies
Put on prohibition list, confronting stewards request

Sky Dashing moderator Chynna Marston as of late had to deal with creature government assistance penalties connected with the abuse of ponies under her consideration. While the spotlight has been on Marston, her life partner Alex Kean additionally winds up trapped in the debate.


We should dive into who Alex Kean is and his supposed association for the situation.

Who is Alex Kean?

Alex Kean is the life partner of Sky Hustling moderator Chynna Marston, whose association in the creature government assistance case has ignited critical consideration and examination.

Following an examination concerning the consideration of pure breeds at their ranch close to Canberra, both Marston and Kean were given charges by Hustling NSW. They were put on the rejection list, keeping them from getting ponies until the culmination of the stewards’ examination.

The charges against Marston incorporate inability to give adequate nourishment to 12 ponies, inability to give veterinary treatment to six ponies, and lead biased to the picture and government assistance of dashing.

Then again, Kean has to deal with penalties connected with the supposed obliteration of a pure breed and inability to include a veterinary specialist in the dynamic cycle. Kean has been called to guard himself at a stewards request held by Dashing NSW, booked to occur at the association’s central command in Sydney, where he will have a chance to address the claims.

Marston has kept up with her guiltlessness through online entertainment posts, communicating full collaboration with the Dashing NSW request. Be that as it may, both Marston and Kean are booked to safeguard themselves at a stewards request in Sydney, where they will have a chance to address the charges against them.

While Marston has been remained somewhere near Sky Hustling forthcoming the examination’s result, the case brings up issues about the couple’s association and their future in the horse racing industry.

As the stewards request draws near, the dashing local area and general society enthusiastically anticipate additional data in regards to Kean’s job, likely culpability, and the potential consequences that might follow the request’s discoveries.