Who is Alexander Roy? Off-duty US Police officer arrested in fatal shooting of colleague Jesse Brown Hernandez

Off the clock U.S. Park Cop Alexander Roy captured in deadly partner shooting
Partner Jesse Brown Hernandez unexpectedly shot during a liquor filled assembling
Occurrence accentuates significance of dependable gun taking care of in policing

Off the clock U.S. Park Cop Alexander Roy was captured after lethally shooting partner Jesse Brown Hernandez in a terrible mishap.


Who was Alexander Roy?

Off the clock US Park Cop Alexander Roy was captured after lethally shooting his companion, Jesse Brown Hernandez, in a sad occasion. The occurrence happened at a condo in McLean, Virginia, during a heavy drinker gathering.

Roy, 25, and Hernandez, 22, were both off the clock while the shooting happened. The situation happened around 12:20 a.m. neighborhood time on a Sunday when Roy was holding a weapon he believed was dumped. Sadly, he released the gun unintentionally, injuring Hernandez in the chest area. Hernandez died at the scene from his wounds.

Roy was accused of compulsory homicide by the Fairfax District Police Division, which answered the occasion. Liquor is remembered to have been a consider the terrible occasion, as indicated by their explanation.

The occasion happened in a loft shared by four individuals, three of whom were off the clock US Park Cops, including Roy and Hernandez.

The US Park Police gave an assertion affirming the event and stressing that the Fairfax Province Police Division is researching. Their main pressing issue is to help the family members, companions, and associates who have been impacted by this misfortune.

The matter is as yet being researched, with the police investigating the conditions behind the inadvertent shooting.

This episode has sent shockwaves all through the US Park Police people group, stressing the need of gun security and legitimate use, particularly among policing. As the request proceeds, it fills in as a sobering sign of the terrible outcomes of a short misfortune in judgment while taking care of guns.