Who Is Alice Jenkins And Where Is She Now? Details On The Malignant Child Abuser Shown On ID’s Evil Lives Here


An Akron lady, Alice Jenkins, was seen as at real fault for manhandling five young men in 2003. The news brought all the city into disarray, and individuals began requesting equity for the young kids.

Following the episode, Alice got condemned to prison with the charges. Besides, the casualty of the maltreatment faces a few injuries after the occurrence.


The maltreatment instance of five youngsters made huge destruction at that point. How about we observe more reports on the maltreatment case and the victimizer here.

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Who Is Alice Jenkins? Wiki Details On Child Abuser Alice is prominently known for being a youngster victimizer. She lived in Akron, Ohio, with her accomplice Mary Rowles at the episode time.

There have not been many updates on Alice’s wiki and individual information. All things being equal, it got realized that Alice and Mary met each other in a gay bar and in the long run began dating.

Mary and her five youngsters lived respectively with Alice. According to the report, Jenkins manhandled the youngsters and took her annoyance out on Tyler and Jesse.

She got up to speed after the young men got away from the house, and they griped to the cop about the maltreatment. Fortunately, the official examined the matter, with charges on Alice and Mary.

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Alice was Mary’s accomplice at that point, who mishandled five kids and took her outrage out on them. The maltreatment began getting extreme when Mary disregarded the torment looked by her kids.

In the end, the torment deteriorated with the children confronting unhealthiness and ailment. Mary and Alice came up against 55 complete indictments with youngster misuse and abuse.

As of now, they have both been serving thirty years of life in jail. Additionally Read: Garrett Gee And His Wife Jessica Comments On Child Abuse, Meet Their Children

Where Is Alice Jenkins Now; Is She Still In Jail For What She Did? Beforehand, Alice made an appeal on her delivery subsequent to asserting that she has improved personally. Notwithstanding, her request got denied.

Jenkins and Mary; both are as yet in prison. They are as yet confronting their 30 years in jail and won’t get delivered until 2033.

She is as yet serving the discipline for how she treated the honest kids in 2003.