Who Is Alicia Kenny? Family Of Missing Loveland Woman Appeal For Help In Finding Her


The Loveland Police Department is looking for help from the general population in finding a key missing individual named Alicia Kenny.

Specialists are chasing after Alicia Kenny, who was most recently seen on the night of Saturday, June 11, close to Lebanon Road.


Keep perusing to study her and to assist us with getting the news out about this post so she can be found soon.

Who Is Alicia Kenny? Missing Case Update As per Loveland police, Alicia Kenny is 5’1″ tall, 110 pounds, and has earthy colored hair and eyes.

In light of a new Facebook post, she was most recently seen around Lebanon Road in Loveland.

Loveland police makes reference to that Kenny was wearing dim pants, a white shirt, and shoes at that point. Kenny regularly visited leaves in the area, regardless of the way that she doesn’t claim a vehicle, as per the Facebook post.

Assuming you see Kenny or know where she is, call 911 or Northeast Communications at 513-677-7000.

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Alicia Kenny Help Post On Facebook Alicia Kenny’s Missing post has been transferred by Loveland Ohio Police Department.

Alicia’s mom asserts that Alicia mentioned that her companions get her on Saturday, however nobody appeared.

“She endeavored to call someone to get her on Saturday since she doesn’t drive. She mentioned that somebody come get her from Loveland, yet nobody would, so she’s gone.”

Alicia Kenny Age and Family Alicia Kenny is accounted for to be 23 years of age.

Marcy, Alicia’s mom, let FOX19 know that her girl was walking around on Saturday, something she appreciates doing when she evaporated. In any case, there are no insights concerning her dad and other relatives. They should be stressed as she disappears.

As indicated by Fox, Marcy, who hadn’t gotten any rest since Saturday, expressed Monday night, “The concern, the trepidation… there’s a ton of uneasiness.” “very nearly falling.”

Essentially, Marcy expressed that a conveyance driver found Alicia’s knapsack, which had her telephone, ID, and wallet, and transformed it into the police. The driver said he was unable to recollect where he tracked down it, however it was some place along his course.

“I can’t imagine a situation wherein she would leave her rucksack,” Marcy expressed. “As of now […]Everything has been isolated from her. The main thing is… she’s been out there for two days with nothing on her back.”