Who is Amina Rehman? Northport nurse makes anti-semitic comment on Threads

Amina Rehman, an enrolled nurture at Northport VA Clinical Center, ignited contention with a prejudiced remark
Her remark, considered prejudiced by IHRA, raises concerns given her expert foundation
The occurrence happens in the midst of heightening strains in the Center East

Amina Rehman (original surname Pasricha), an enrolled nurture (RN) at Northport VA Clinical Center, as of late offered a prejudiced remark on the internet based stage Strings. Rehman’s remark blamed Jews for perpetrating Nazi wrongdoings, a correlation unequivocally considered bigoted by the Global Holocaust Recognition Coalition (IHRA) working meaning of discrimination against Jews.

Who is Amina Rehman?

Amina Rehman, likewise known by her birth name Pasricha, is an enlisted nurture presently serving at Northport VA Clinical Center. As per her LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, she has been in this job since April 2018, storing up north of 5 years of involvement with the medical services field.

Rehman procured a Four year college education in Nursing Science from the CUNY School of Expert Studies in 2019, graduating with a noteworthy 4.0 GPA. Furthermore, she holds a Partner’s Certification in Human Sciences and Sciences/Liberal Studies from Queensborough Junior college of The City College of New York (CUNY), granted in 2015.

The IHRA working meaning of discrimination against Jews unequivocally incorporates drawing examinations of contemporary Israeli arrangement to that of the Nazis to act as an illustration of xenophobic way of behaving. Amina Rehman’s remark falls solidly inside this definition, raising worries about the fittingness of such proclamations, particularly given her expert foundation as a medical care supplier.

The episode including Amina Rehman unfurls against the scenery of heightening strains in the Center East. On October 7, around 1,500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad assailants sent off an unexpected assault on Israel, bringing about huge setbacks and prisoner circumstances in Gaza.

Accordingly, Israel started a serious mission of air strikes and a ground intrusion fully intent on dispensing with Hamas. The contention has prompted a significant death toll, with the Hamas-run Gaza Wellbeing Service detailing 10,500 Palestinian setbacks.

Tragically, articulations of help for Palestinians have, in certain occasions, changed into unmistakable discrimination against Jews. Amina Rehman’s provocative remark is an unmistakable illustration of this disturbing pattern. Such explanations sustain hurtful generalizations as well as add to the acceleration of pressures in an all around unstable circumstance.

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