Who Is Amouranth Husband Nick Lee Boybuilder? Kaitlyn Siragusa and Nick Lee Married Life

Amouranth also known as Kaitlyn Siragusa’s jock spouse Nick Lee has made news after harmful cases from her better half.

Lee is primarily known as the spouse of decoration Amouranth. As of late, a charm model referenced her significant other is harmful. The model is known for her ASMR Twitch Livestreams.


Amouranth was born in Huston, Texas, US, on December 2, 1993. She is at present 28 years of age. The model fostered areas of strength for a with the creatures from her experience growing up as she was the lone offspring of her folks.

Decoration Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa is hitched to Nick Lee. As indicated by Siragusa, Nick is a mean spouse who risked killing her canines and command over her funds. Siragusa shared the proof of Lee’s awful ways of behaving in her stream on Sunday morning.

Siragusa referenced her significant other pushed her to stream more notwithstanding her ability. In the principal video, Siragusa shared the telephone discussion in which he requested that she take off from the house. Amouranth’s significant other requested that she act to be single to her fan.

Age 33
Birth Date December 7, 1988
Residence 127 Trudeau, Sugarland, TX
Wife Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa
Occupation Bodybulider
Twitter NickLee1988Official
Marital Status Married
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Who Is Amouranth’s Muscle head Spouse, Nick Lee? Nick Lee is the spouse of Amouranth. Likewise, he is a jock. He is a Taiwanese loafer, a shortie. Lee wedded his significant other in December 2015.

Nick is dynamic on Twitter under the username @NickLee1988Official. He presently inhabits 127 Trudeau, Sugarland, TX. Likewise, The weight lifter was born in Texas on December 7, 1988. He is right now 33 years of age.

In his Twitter account, Lee notices himself as the spouse of Amouranth. He even shared their marriage authentication on November 2020. The jock tweeted, ‘it resembled living a fantasy.’ He was no one having a low-pay work.

In any case, out of nowhere, Nick got a spouse and a house in Sugarland, TX, as a present for himself and Kaitlyn from his dad. At the point when he was 26, he lost his mom, and she requested that he make companions. Thus, he went out and met Kaitlyn/Amouranth, and after a year, they wedded.

Kaitlyn Siragusa and Nick Lee Wedded Life Kaitlyn Siragusa has been hitched to her significant other for over seven years. The model uncovered that she is hitched and her better half is oppressive.

As indicated by Amouranth, Lee undermined her to kill her pets and handle her funds. Nonetheless, Lee said on the telephone discussion he never said it and said she was a liar.

She shared verification of her better half’s cruel conduct in her live stream. Siragusa referenced that her significant other controls her monetary exercises and requested that she work on additional streams without her will.

On the off chance that Siragusa wouldn’t do as Nick asked, he took steps to kill her canines. The model is connected to the creatures from her life as a youngster. The video shared by Grooms showed the close to home and mental maltreatment.

The principal video showed what was going on where she chats with her better half on stand by. She questions why he took steps to kill her pets. After a long hole, Nick requested that his significant other take off from the house. On the telephone, he called Siragusa a liar.

The clasp likewise incorporates her better half compromising her to leave just $1 million in the event that she made a move showing how he controls

Nick Lee Current Debate Individuals had shared hearted remarks to Nick after he was viewed as harmful towards Siragusa. Her fans shared various posts via virtual entertainment sharing his way of behaving. After the discussion, the jock shared their marriage declaration and the story behind their wedded life.

In February 2020, when Nick moved out with his dad and went to the close by exercise center, he was thumped by some Russian person who said he wanted eye a medical procedure.

On November 23, 2020, Lee tweeted, ‘To all Amouranth’s fixated fans, who think I constrained her into the marriage, reconsider, this is her unmistakable on our marriage application.’ After the episode, Lee is latent on his social stage.

Around the same time, Nick imparted various presents on his better half, Siragusa, and marriage endorsements. He even shared the couple had not separated at this point. Likewise, Lee shared the freely available report on Harris District Agent’s site. He included the USA, all relationships/divorces are public.