Who is Andrii Pokrasa? 15-Year-Old ‘Drone Boy’ Becomes Hero in Ukraine

In spite of the harsh system in Ukraine, Andrii Pokrasa, a fifteen-year-old Ukrainian kid who turned into a legend as of late has proceeded to study and live in banishment.

Andrii Pokrasa is the child of a Ukrainian lobbyist who was shipped off Poland to complete his 10th grade, where he met a Russian soldier.


He needed to get back to his country, however the Russians gave his family the boot.

In a new meeting with Reuters, the Ukrainian military said that Andrii Pokrasa was a legend who had saved the existences of thousands of regular citizens and assisted the Ukrainian soldiers with finding a Russian caravan.

In spite of the fact that his youngster associates didn’t really accept that him, they later saw film on TV.

Thus, Andrii Pokrasa is presently hailed as a legend in Ukraine.

“My mom was extremely terrified from the beginning,” Andrii told ABC Journalist Britt Clennett. “In any case, presently she is glad that we got along nicely, that we are solid and that we had the option to help.

Andrii Pokrasa is a 15-year-old Ukrainian kid who has made himself a legend after he assisted the Ukrainian military with distinguishing the Russian soldiers in a trap.

Andrii Pokrasa did this by utilizing his robot to follow the Russian troop escort and hand-off the directions to Ukrainian soldiers close to Kyiv.

Simultaneously, the Ukrainian military figured out how to stop the Russian attack of the city.

In February, when the Russian armed force attacked Ukraine, it did as such on numerous fronts, endeavoring to overpower Ukraine’s military.

Nonetheless, Russia’s military chose to move to the contested Donbas locale.

During the months-long conflict, Ukraine made just unobtrusive regional additions, and the nation is setting up a counter-hostile in southern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy cautioned against Russian incitement, while the Ukrainian public observe Autonomy Day on Wednesday.

Countless individuals were killed and injured during the contention.

As per the Workplace of the Unified Countries High Magistrate for Basic liberties, north of 5,500 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 7,600 individuals were harmed.

Ukraine should stay stable and depend on accuracy weapons to retaliate.

The Russian intrusion of Ukraine has slowed down in light of the country’s tactical abilities, yet Ukraine’s tactical keeps on getting steady supplies of weapons from the U.S.A and worldwide powers.

Public safety examiners, as well as a senior English military official, discuss the contention in Ukraine and the conceivable result.

The Ukrainian military is additionally striking back against Russia’s digital framework.

Since February, in excess of 600 web-based assets in Russia have been designated by Ukrainian programmers.

Andrii Pokrasa is only one illustration of a Ukrainian counter mission.