Who Is Andy Robertson’s wife, Rachel Roberts? 8 interesting facts about the Sports model

Rachel Roberts is a games model who is locked in to Liverpool footballer Andrew Robertson.

She possesses a games brand and the couple have two kids together.


Whenever Robertson first connected up with Rachel Roberts, was in September 2017.

After a cause match in Goodison Park, reports spread about a child in the couple’s relationship.

Be that as it may, Robertson has never affirmed the reports. It was the Liverpool Reverberation who let the cat out of the bag.

They were locked in for one eighteen months before they sealed the deal.

It isn’t is to be expected that she is one of the most famous Instagram clients. The English entertainer and model acquired than 169 thousand supporters, with her most famous post named Pin by Rachel Roberts acquiring north of 481 thousand adherents.

She was additionally the most youthful individual to win a Foundation Grant for Best Entertainer for her job in This Wearing Life. Notwithstanding her great Instagram presence, Roberts has a few other expert associations and is utilized at comparative organizations.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Rachel Roberts is a Canadian model and entertainer.

She initially began demonstrating at fifteen years old and has been highlighted in a few promoting efforts. Her most well known photograph sharing record has almost 169 thousand devotees.

She is likewise dynamic on Facebook and Twitter. Her total assets isn’t yet clear however is assessed to be $1.5 million by 2022. She is presently single and has no youngsters.

The youthful couple’s relationship started in school, where they met one another. The two of them studied at St. Ninian’s School in Glasgow. Rachel met Andrew Robertson there, and the two started dating in 2010.

The two found mind blowing matches in thoughts and ways of life, and it wasn’t some time before they became hopelessly enamored.

Notwithstanding being such various people, the two of them had a similar group of friends, and their relationship created subsequently.

Albeit the couple isn’t connected, they have a comparative love for Liverpool and he is a sharp soccer player. As well as being a decent player, Andrew Robertson is likewise a creator.

He composed a book named Robbo: Presently You Will Accept Us about the Liverpool Football Club.

All of the returns go to the Robertson Establishment, which upholds oppressed kids in Scotland.

Rachel Roberts is a lovely, keen, objective situated lady who is hitched to Liverpool footballer Andrew. She has two kids with Andrew, Rocco and Aria. The Robertson family carries on with a full life.

Two or three has two youngsters together: Rocco was born on 26 August 2017 and Aria was born on 1 January 2019. In the wake of meeting each other at a tuition based school, the Robertsons moved to London.

Rachel Roberts has two children from past connections.

Andrew Robertson’s most memorable spouse was American entertainer Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Their relationship went on for over five years.

They got ready for marriage and are intending to get hitched. Andrew Robertson and Rachel Roberts have been together for quite a long time.

The couple’s romantic tale is long and heartfelt.

They are locked in and want to wed soon. Rachel Roberts’ total assets is assessed to be 2.5 million bucks.