Who Is Anneisha Speed? Woman Arrested For Shooting Victim At Baton Rouge As We Revisit The Case


Who Is Anneisha Speeed? Indeed, she is a Louisiana lady who discharged shots at a man( her date) after he would not have fellatio with her.

Anneisha Speed is a 21-year-elderly person from Louisiana. She was captured for taking shots at her date (casualty) at his Baton Rouge condo on 13 May 2019.


The explanation for Speed it is very surprising to go after her accomplice. She and her date went through a day together at the casualty’s condo in East Baton Rouge.

Following that, Anneisha requested that her accomplice go down on her, fundamentally to play out an oral s*x. Be that as it may, he declined after which she compromised him with a weapon.

Speed even shot two slugs at him yet he effectively got away from the gallery. Other than that, she took the casualty’s shotgun along with a Playstation.

Who Is Anneisha Speed? Man Arrested For Shooting Victim At Baton Rouge Anneisha Speed is a notorious lady from Louisiana who discharged shots at her colleague after he would not have oral s*x.

She is a person of color and an American resident from East Baton Rogue. She stood out as truly newsworthy in 2019 after she utilized a weapon to compromise and shoot at her friend.

According to Daily Mail, Speed and her accomplice were hanging out when he welcomed her to his Labelle Avenue loft. She acknowledged his greeting and both of them go through the day together.

Be that as it may, Anneisha began asking the casualty for fellatio which he declined. Following that, she took steps to shoot him with a .40 type dark handgun in the event that he didn’t consent.

Notwithstanding, the casualty snatched Speed’s wrist and afterward escaped away. However, by then, she had previously discharged two shots and the police were called just after that.

Anneisha Speed Victim And What Happened To Him? Anneisha Speed’s casualty detail and character are hidden from the media and the general population.

He was simply spending time with Anneisha imagining that she is the same as a customary young lady. Be that as it may, she shot projectiles at him after he denied having oral s*x.

Considering his own security, the casualty bent Anneisha’s hand to delay. Then, he bounced from the second-floor gallery of Labelle Avenue and took off.

He was not harmed a lot and he called the police just after she left. Other than shooting, he additionally blamed Speed for taking his shotgun and a PlayStation from his home.

Investigate Anneisha Speed Charges and Sentences Anneisha Speed was captured by the police and accused of second-degree murder and 3 gun related offenses.

She owned up to taking things from the casualty since those were gathered from her home as proof. Her bond was set at $17,000 and subsequent to paying that, she was set free from the jail.

As announced by The Smoking Gun, Speed stood preliminary and confessed to a misdeed count. From that point forward, she was put on unaided probation.

As of late, on 27 April 2022, Anneisha got a request bargain that saved her from jail time. Notwithstanding, she will undoubtedly be waiting on the post trial process for a long time.

According to her condemning, Speed should burn through 40 hours in local area administration, pay $800 worth of fines, and complete Effective Decision Making course. Assuming that Anneisha finishes her probation term, her conviction can be erased.