Who is Attiq Malik? Advisor to British Police led ‘from the river to the sea’ chant

Attiq Malik has as of late acquired consideration for driving disputable serenades at a favorable to Palestinian meeting
His warning job to the police during the Israel-Hamas struggle fights has started banters about his impact
Malik’s vocal activism and lawful contribution have made him a remarkable figure in the civil rights scene

Attiq Malik, a specialist and notable figure in the extreme Left lobbyist circle, has as of late been pushed into the spotlight because of his contribution in driving contentious serenades at a supportive of Palestinian convention.

Who is Attiq Malik?

Attiq Malik is a consultant to English Police during the Israel-Hamas struggle fights has accumulated huge consideration and started discusses in regards to the ramifications of his impact inside policing.

Further, Attiq Malik is a specialist spend significant time in criminal and business regulation, with experience in different legitimate firms. As per his LinkedIn, Attiq Malik acquired his Post-Graduate Paralegal Recognition in Regulation from Westminster College in 2002. Before this, he finished his A-Levels at Luton 6th Structure School.

He has been effectively engaged with offering legitimate guidance and help to organizations and people, exhibiting ability in fields like work, agreement, and movement regulation.

Malik’s dynamic support in different shows, combined with his legitimate foundation, has situated him as a vocal backer for civil rights goals, frequently condemning police reactions and pushing for the freedoms of nonconformists.

His vocal position on issues, for example, control and the privileges of minimized networks has made him an eminent figure in the dissident scene, especially inside the Luton people group where he has been effectively engaged with lawful bodies of evidence against police powers, including the Metropolitan Police.

“from the stream to the ocean”

In spite of serious areas of strength for him in the dissident circle, Malik’s new activities have drawn examination, especially corresponding to his support in the disputable “from the waterway to the ocean” serenade, which has been considered hostile and combustible by a few unmistakable authorities.

A video from Luton in May 2021 showed Malik tending to a dissent against an Israeli hostile, blaming media for Zionist control. He incited serenades of “from the stream to the ocean” and censured the police’s treatment of different occurrences, including the Sarah Everard vigil.

Moreover, his inclusion with the London Muslim People group Gathering was featured, with a new assertion from the discussion undermining legitimate activity against potential dissent boycotts. In the midst of these turns of events, Malik stays vocal about saw state mistreatment.

This has prompted increased investigations into the idea of his warning job and the likely ramifications of his effect on police reactions during profoundly charged shows.

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