Who Is Auburn Calloway and Where Is He Today? Reddit Discussion on The Cargo Jet Hijacking

The thief of FedEx Flight 705 out of 1994, was Auburn Calloway, imprisoned in a government office in Atwater, California, carrying out a foreordained life punishment.

The airplane flew on a significantly more reputation departure from Memphis to San Jose, California. It never came to its expected area; all things being equal, with some capable airmanship, it made a crisis arrival back at Memphis International Airport.


He utilized an honor proposed to FedEx staff when there was space to board airplane 705 as a “hop seat” traveler. He had taken a guitar case as baggage.

Calloway was at that point inside the airplane before the flight team loaded up, which surprised them. He surrendered the specialist’s seat and sat in the leap seat in spite of their quiet.

Who Is Auburn Calloway? Reddit Rediscovers Previous Hijacking eddish Calloway, a previous Federal Express pilot, went after the team of a freight plane soon after it took off from Memphis and was subsequently seen as at legitimate fault for endeavored air robbery.

In the wake of procuring his certificate from Stanford University, Calloway enlisted in the US Navy as a pilot, where he improved his hand to hand fighting abilities.

He filled in as a flight engineer for Federal Express subsequent to leaving the military. Nonetheless, he battled with close to home shakiness and cash stresses. His once-encouraging vocation had delivered a few difficulties; he could look for gainful employment as a flight engineer and had recently gone through a separation.

He was wanting to go to a FedEx hearing when he endeavored the commandeering in light of the fact that it had been found that he had exaggerated his flight insight with the US Navy on his resume, which would likely bring about his end.

Reddish Calloway Hijacked Cargo Jet On April 7, Auburn Calloway boarded the airplane in front of the team, conveying a speargun, a knife, and mallets in his guitar case, as per an article from The Commercial Appeal in 2014.

Calloway decided to utilize hammers rather than guns so the injuries he caused would emulate those supported in an airplanes crash; he needed to make the assault look like a mishap so his family would be covered by the $2.5 million extra security strategy his boss gave.

In accordance with industry shoptalk, “bounce seaters,” Tucker, Sanders, and Peterson all trusted Calloway to be just a worker getting a ride. Rather than the one man and one woman he would have confronted, he needed to overcome three men. A couple of moments after departure, Calloway went after. He utilized mallets to violently harm the flight group, breaking Andy Peterson’s and James Tucker’s skulls.

The flight specialist and chief then got into an extended contention. While the three men caught in the cockpit, James Tucker, an ex-Navy pilot, kept up with control of the airplane. Where Is Auburn Calloway Today? At the United States Penitentiary, Atwater prison in unincorporated Merced County, California, near Atwater, Calloway entered a transitory craziness supplication yet was in any case given existence without any chance to appeal term on August 15, 1995, for endeavored murder and air robbery.

At long last, allowed to arrive on any runway it could make due, FedEx 705 did as such. As well as making a protected handling, the flight team’s courageous endeavors permitted them to hold Auburn Calloway within proper limits until policemen loaded up the airplane in Memphis and caught him.

David Sanders, Jim Tucker, and Andy Peterson were at absolutely no point in the future pilots because of the earnestness of their head wounds. Reddish Calloway was given a lifelong incarceration without the chance of delivery. He is detained in California and utilizations his site to challenge his conviction.

Albeit each of the three team individuals were truly harmed, and none could at any point fly industrially once more, the flight group at last figured out how to control Calloway by serious ethereal moves and actual limitation.

Commander Dave Sanders securely set down the plane at Memphis International Airport notwithstanding being stacked with fuel and surpassing the admissible landing weight. The cockpit and within the airplane were covered in blood when the police entered by means of the departure slide and stepping stool.