Who Is Austin Patrick Hall, 26 From Alabama? Suspect As Bibb County Deputies Shot


Experts in Alabama are searching for Austin Patrick Hall, who is blamed for shooting two Bibb County Sheriff’s agents.

As per Bibb County District Attorney Michael Jackson, the episode happened Wednesday evening on Highway 25 in the Cahaba River Wildlife Management Area when police were chasing after a taken vehicle.


Austin Patrick, a 26-year-old suspect, was named by the specialists. As per the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, he is believed to be outfitted and exceptionally risky.

Who Is Austin Patrick Hall? Meet 26 year Old Suspect Austin Ptrick Hall, a 26-year-old suspect, was caught right off the bat Thursday. As per court records, Hall has a genuinely broad criminal history tracing all the way back to 2012, including attack, thievery, attempting to sidestep, property burglary, and harming a cop.

At April 2022, Hall was most as of late detained in the Chilton County Jail. The mugshot from that capture was posted on the Facebook page of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office.

At the point when Hall got away from a work discharge jail in Wilcox County in 2019, the Alabama Department of Corrections delivered a photograph of him. This photograph was found by WVTM 13 too.

Around eight o’clock on Wednesday, a vigil was held in Centreville for the two representatives. An enormous gathering framed a circle outside City Hall and petitioned God for the delegates, their families, and people on call.

Did Austin Patrick Hall Shot Bibb County Deputy? Two Bibb County Deputies were purportedly shot by Austin Patrick Hall on Wednesday in Brierfield, Alabama. Albeit the Bibb County District Attorney Michael Jackson claims one of the delegates was struck in a “basic locale,” specialists have expressed that the two representatives were carried to UAB Hospital with vague wounds.

Brad Johnson and Chris Poole, the two representatives, were recognized by The Centreville Press on Facebook on Wednesday night.

Brad Johnson’s dad educates Rick Karle regarding WVTM13 that his child is in a coma.

Johnson was taken direly to Birmingham’s UAB Hospital. As the rescue vehicle traveled north up Interstate 65, specialists from numerous organizations assisted with confining traffic along the course.

While the area of the other official’s treatment is right now obscure, Jackson expressed that he thought the delegate was getting care at an emergency clinic in Birmingham.

Is Austin Patrick Hall Arrested? Austin Hall was given endorsement for a work discharge in 2019 when he was carrying out a 10-year punishment for robbery accusations from 2018, as per an assertion delivered right off the bat Thursday morning by Zeigler. Zeigler additionally guarantees that Austin Hall has been accused of no less than 46 violations throughout recent years.

As indicated by specialists, Hall has a criminal history with 72 separate allegations tracing all the way back to 2012, including savagery, dodging capture, and endeavoring to stay away from police.

As per the ALEA, he endeavored to gag a jail official in Calhoun County in 2020. In April, Hall was permitted to leave the Calhoun County Jail.