Who Is Balaji Ariyanan and How Is He Related To The Coppell ISD Bullying Incident?


Balaji Aryanan is a web-based entertainment client who shared a post about the Coppell ISD Bullying Incident. Also, Balaji uncovered the opposite side of the story, which was not uncovered in the video.

Discussing the occurrence, an understudy name Shaan Pritmani, an Indian-American understudy from Coppell Independent School District in Texas, stood out as truly newsworthy on the web subsequent to being actually gone after and gagged by another understudy.


Also, the video was delivered and circulated around the web in the span of a second, catching individuals’ eye in a brief period. Adding to this, the overseer of the Coppell ISD, Dr. Brad Hunt, has noticed the delivered video of an Indian plummet understudy and said they are examining.

How Is Balaji Ariyanan Related To The Coppell ISD Bullying Incident? Balaji Aryan, a virtual entertainment client, is getting into the spotlight for including in The Coppell ISD Bullying Incident. Balaji made the title subsequent to presenting something related on the episode on his Instagram handle.

Concerning the post, Aryanan said his little girl additionally visited a similar school, and she said the video didnt show the entire story behind the occurrence. Aryanan uncovered that Indian American youngster named Shaan began battling and mocking white families and his sister.

Additionally, he added, Shaan was approached to leave the table, and when he denied, he was taken out. Further, Balaji likewise said the two children and the guardians overcompensated and shared the video without concerning the story.

Investigating his post, we understood that he was disturbed that the school locale and manager were addressed and taken to the messy launderers.

Balaji Ariyanan Daughter Name And Details As we previously referenced, Aryanan Balaji was an ordinary individual prior to getting connected with The Coppell ISD Bullying Incident. Notwithstanding, he is getting the spotlight for the post he shared about the harassing occurrence.

Likewise, Aryanan referenced that his little girl additionally goes to a similar school, and she talked about one more side of the episode, which was not displayed in the viral video.

In this manner, individuals get some information about his girl’s name and character, which are absent from the sources. We know next to nothing about her name or any subtleties.

Not to stress, we will refresh the meeting when additional data is out about the situation and Balaji’s girl.