Who Is Betsy Rogers aka Brahmi Rogers? All You Need To Know About The First Wife of Doc Antle

A great many individuals all over the planet have been left pondering Betsy Rogers otherwise known as Brahmi Rogers.

In a new article on NBC News, Betsy Rogers, otherwise called Betsy Antle, was highlighted as perhaps the earliest spouse of Doc Antle.


While this might appear to be an improbable circumstance, it’s actual regardless. Betsy’s better half was a rich man who mishandled his significant other and kids.

This prompted numerous allegations of creature misuse and infringement of the Imperiled Species Act.

Betsy met her future spouse, Doc, while they were in secondary school. They were neighbors of a similar school, and her beau began dating Doc’s mom subsequent to meeting her.

They later began dating and started a relationship. Betsy respected Doc’s attractive great looks and started dating him. Betsy’s science with Doc was a big figure the couple’s relationship.

They likewise went to a yoga retreat in Virginia together, and they got hitched.

Before their marriage, the two were living in a little condo in California. Betsy Rogers was pregnant and Doc was irate about it.

At the point when the couple moved to the Big Apple, he contended with his accomplice and requested that she cut short the child. Betsy was content with the choice.

In 2021, she was 60 years of age and her significant other was 60.

She was excluded from Doc Antle’s Instagram account.

Following their partition, Betsy Rogers otherwise known as Brahmi Rogers fell into an alcohol dependence. After their separation, she had a few brushes with death. In any case, subsequent to meeting Antle’s higher half, she changed her life until the end of time.

fell into an alcohol compulsion. After their separation, she had a few brushes with death. Be that as it may, subsequent to meeting Antle’s higher half, she changed her life for eternity.

In the end, she migrated to Tucson, Arizona. In spite of the numerous associations with Antle, she didn’t utilize Instagram.

As the primary spouse of Doc Antle, Betsy Rogers turned into the fundamental buddy of the renowned person. She was a creature mentor and individual zoo administrator.

The two began dating when they were in secondary school. A short time later, Betsy began seeing Doc’s mom and wanting for retribution.

In a contorted curve, Doc and Betsy wedded eventually.

As the main spouse of Doc Antle, Betsy likewise has a noteworthy history of s!xual connections. She has a past filled with isolating underage young ladies from their moms.

She likewise professed to have a PhD in zoology. As a matter of fact, the principal spouse of Doc Antle supposedly participated in s****l relations with a few ladies, including Sumati Steinberg and Radha Hirsch, when they were both just fourteen.

In spite of these allegations, the man actually runs his zoo and a fight in court is in progress. The preliminary is planned for July 25, 2022.

While her name is to a great extent a secret, many fans accept that her better half had more than one spouse. The second spouse of Doc Antle, Day break Marie Thurston, was additionally his third wife.

She was highlighted in an article in the Macon Narrative Messenger in 1989. She was alluded to as Mrs Bhagavan Antle.

Tragically, she died in a fender bender when she was just 29 years of age.

She had two kids with him.