Who Is Billy Nutt Singer? Stuart Antony Eastenders Allegations On Shirley Bassey Artist

Billy Nutt is an American artist who is indicted for mishandling underaged kids. He was detained in 2015 after the occasion, presently another casualty has blamed him for rape. Stuart Antony, the EastEnders entertainer, has taken to virtual entertainment to openly talk about the maltreatment he got as a youngster from Nutt. Keep on knowing more.

Shirley Bassey Backing Singer Wikipedia: Who Is Billy Nutt Singer? Billy Nutt is an artist who upheld Shirley Bassey on her visits. He is likewise perceived as a landowner of two popular bars in Kent.


Nutt recently ventured to the far corners of the planet close by Shirley Bassey, working in boats and clubs. Moreover, he has performed such countless performance acts.

The sequential pedophile has named one of his boats “One Moment” – after his tune. A portion of his tunes are Here In My Heart, Born Free, Say It With Flowers, Rags To Riches, I Want To Go To Heaven, and some more.

Nutt was sentenced for physically manhandling a youngster in 2015. Once more, he is standing out as truly newsworthy subsequent to being charged by entertainer Stuart Antony.

He was captured following a four-year-old kid informed his mother concerning the episode. The legal sciences had tracked down salivation on the facade of the kid’s undies. Also, the kid had let officials know that Nutt had requested that he stay quiet. At last, Nutt was taken to the Maidstone Crown Court.

EastEnders Actor Stuart Antony Has Accused Billy Nutt Of Abuse Stuart Antony, who is presently 34, has uncovered he was physically manhandled by William ‘Billy’ Nutt. The EastEnders entertainer has expressed that he was physically mishandled more than many times by the reinforcement vocalist.

Watching his aggressor was one of the characterizing occasions of his life, as indicated by the cleanser entertainer. He was manhandled at 10 years old years old when Nutt was presented as a family companion. Back in times when Antony’s mom used to sing in one of Billy’s bars.

Antony, who likewise featured in the police show The Bill, has now surrendered his right to mystery to examine his battle for equity and his encounters, as expressed in the Daily Mail.

Youngster Abuser Billy Nutt Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison Billy Nutt has been exposed to three weak youthful casualties including Stuart Antony. He has been imprisoned for quite some time.

In 2015, he was petitioned for maltreatment of a 15-year-old, and again for quite some time in 2019, he was faulted for prepping a kid.

According to the news, Nutt as of now has 21 sex offenses charges, including assault, tracing all the way back to the last part of the 1990s. He had confronted a significant jail sentence however gone on with bail. He was condemned to 18 years detainment following a 12-day preliminary at Maidstone Crown Court.

Nutt is straightforwardly gay and unmarried. He lives in Dartford, Kent, and presently will be enrolled as a sex wrongdoer.