Who Is Bobby Scott From Teen Mom Security? Facts To Know About Briana Dejesus’ New Boyfriend

Briana DeJesus’ beau Bobby Scott is security on Youngster Mother. She uncovered her accomplice in the most recent episode.

Scott is the safety officer at MTV. On October 18, 2022, he is making his most memorable presentation with the camera on Adolescent Mother: Next Part. He is notable in the media as the sweetheart of the star Briana.


Briana appeared to be apprehensive about sharing her romantic tale on the public stage. The couple met each other when Scott began functioning as a safety officer on the arrangement of High schooler Mother. After their initially met, the pair began dating.

1. Briana’s Sweetheart Bobby Scott is From Youngster Mother Security Briana DeJesus recently reported that she is involved with Youngster Mother security Bobby Scott.

Age 40s
Girlfriend Bariana DeJesus
Occupation Security Guard
First Debut Teen Mom: Next Chapter
Previous work MTV
Nationality American
Birth Place United States

Scott showed up on the October 18 episode of High schooler Mother. Already, he filled in as the safety officer for MTV. The couple had maintained their relationship mystery until they made certain about their association.

Hurry recently filled in as security on Catelynn and Maci’s shoots. He met her new sweetheart when he connected with film Overflow Mon Family Get-together to San Deigo last year. A short time later, the couple began taking and stayed under the radar.

At the point when they recorded the portion last month for Adolescent Mother: The Following Part, Hurry was available at the spot. The couple was gotten by a safety officer and answered to MTV show chiefs.

Briana uncovered the subtleties of her dating life to leader maker Larry. As per The Ashley, the whole security representative was terminated after they found the entertainer’s issue with Scott. The team individual from Youngster Mother lost their employment in light of their issue.

2. Briana Dejesus’ Is Content With Her New Beau Bobby Scott is the new beau of unscripted TV drama contestent Briana. The candidate referenced her dating existence with Mike and different projects on the web.

As per Briana, she is cheerful in her relationship. Before this, she had never encountered this sort of association. It is the entertainer’s most memorable genuine mature relationship in her life. She found someone who acknowledges her for what her identity is.

In spite of the fact that it is hard, the couple made it work. Now and then Scott came to Briana, and once in a while she went to her sweetheart. The pair had done this for quite a while as of now. She had maintained their association mystery since she had been seeing someone that won’t ever work out.

Thus, the entertainer doesn’t need one more bombed relationship. So she held this to her heart until she was certain and prepared. Presently Briana is prepared and shooting with him. She trusted he would come to Florida or they meet in another state and have a new beginning.

Already, she was locked in to American tattoo craftsman Javi Gonazlez. Following eight months of dating, the couple declared their commitment to May 2021.

3. Bobby Scott Is More than 38 Years of age Scott is more seasoned than Briana. Fans condemned their relationship because of the age hole. Briana appeared to be a lot more youthful than her new darling Scott. The entertainer is right now 28 years of age, and the safety officer appeared to be in his 40s.

In the meeting, Briana referenced she is in a full grown relationship due to the gigantic age hole. The hopeful previously presented her sweetheart on an Instagram post. She was touching the man’s head from the back and stuck, ‘My Child.’

Afterward, it was accounted for that the bare man was Bobby. Accordingly, the image caused hypothesis in the Youngster Mother supporters local area. Likewise, some estimated about their age hole. They supposedly they had a decade age hole.

Briana was born in Orlando, Florida, US, on May 21, 1994. She was born to Roxanne Dejesus and grew up with her kin Britanny Dejesus. The entertainer holds the ethnicity of America.

4. Bobby Scott’s Total assets As Safety officer Scott’s total assets is under survey. As a safety officer, he might get a normal of £8.74 each hour for his work. Regardless of Scott being terminated from the show security position, he got cash for highlighting in the show.

One month prior, Scott had been terminated from his work subsequent to connecting with Briana on the set. In any case, the gatekeeper would pay for his landing in the show. He will show up before the camera and get cash as a cast part. It is muddled the way in which long he will get highlighted in the series.

In Adolescent Mother: The Following Part, Hurry will pay as long as he deals with the show. The show follows High schooler Mother 2 and Youngster Moom OG, who manage their kids in an alternate stage.