Who Is Brandon Theesfeld Father Daniel Theesfeld And Mother Kery Ann Campbell Clay? Where Is Ally Kostial Killer Now?


A couple of years back, Partner Kostial Demise news started Netizens on the Web. Theesfeld was viewed as at legitimate fault for her homicide. Who Is Brandon Theesfeld Father Daniel Theesfeld? We should pour out the truth.

The young woman’s homicide update caused dread locally. In 2016’s fall, killer Brandon Theesfeld initially met Kostial.


Theesfeld is from Stronghold Worth, Texas. The two understudies went to the College of Mississippi.

As per Kostial’s companions, Partner and Brandon had a hit or miss heartfelt issue.

Despite the fact that they had a heartfelt point, the two were never formally seeing someone they called each other sweetheart and sweetheart.

Partner Kostial’s killer Brandon Theesfeld is the child of Daniel Theesfeld (Father) and Kery Ann Campbell Mud (mother). The person’s folks lived in Texas.

His folks conceded him to the College of Mississippi. Brandon’s mom, Kery Mud, was personal about her child’s bad behavior after his capture and conceded.

Her lawyer Tony Farese imparted her words to 48 Hours, saying: “After I heard my child was being questioned by the Police, I actually had no single thought it very well may be him. Presently, following two years of knowing a greater amount of the subtleties of their (alluding to Brandon and Partner) relationship, I’m sorrowful.”

His mom proceeded, “I feel frustrated about each individual this effects. It is miserable that our child didn’t impart any of the unrest to us and attempted to mistakenly oversee it. Me and my better half will continuously appeal to God for the departed Partner Kostial’s loved ones.”

Brandon’s folks figure the strife might have been settled on the off chance that he had looked for help from them. His Dad and mom currently urge each parent to routinely plunk down with their children, mostly teens, and youthful grown-ups, to talk about their concerns.

The two accept there will be nothing too muddled and broad that will be wild, and the youthful grown-ups can’t deal with it; so they follow a dull way to tackle them. In this way, offering the issues to experienced watchmen could assist them with conquering them.

In a meeting with nearby station WLBT, Brandon’s Dad, Daniel Theesfeld, said that his child wasn’t engaged with his schoolmate’s homicide.

His dad said, “I accept my child is guiltless, and I have motivations to know that, however I’m obliged to share anything now. I would request that individuals give him the honesty assumption until demonstrated blameworthy.”

Alexandria “Partner” Kostial, in practically no time Partner Kostial is no longer with us. The late young woman cherished going to her classes at the College of Mississippi.

Kostial was shot dead by an individual understudy and her supposed accomplice, Brandon Theesfeld. Her life was stopped at a barren fishing camp on 20 July 2019. The area is 30 miles from grounds.

St. Louis local Partner was concentrating on marketing at the College of Mississippi. The 21-year-old longed for working in design after graduation.

The departed young lady was amicable and, surprisingly, showed wellness classes. As it were, she was carrying on with her life cheerfully.

The Memphis Police Division framed a Criminal Team and captured Brandon Theesfeld two hours in the wake of perpetrating the wrongdoing. The researching officials took help from a corner store laborer.

A Police run cam recorded the entire occurrence of Partner Kostial’s executioner being arrested. The officials found a .40 type weapon matching the sort utilized in Partner’s homicide inside Brandon’s truck.

Theesfeld was given over to Lafayette Province, Mississippi. There, the fantastic jury prosecuted Brandon on a capital homicide accusation on 30 August 2019, yet he argued not liable.

The Coronavirus pandemic postponed his preliminary. In the long run, On 27 August 2021, Partner Kostial’s executioner conceded to first-degree murder and was condemned to life in jail.

Brandon has no chance of parole and will carry out his life punishment at Parchman, the Mississippi State Prison.