Who is Brett Gitchel? Suspect arrested in Leticia Martinez missing case


Leticia Martinez Cosman, a 58-year-elderly person from Seattle, evaporated on Walk 31, 2023, from T-Versatile Park during the Seattle Sailors game. Almost seven days after her vanishing, Seattle police reported that a suspect had been captured regarding her vanishing.

On April 6, 2023, authorities distinguished 46-year-elderly person Brett Gitchel as a suspect for the situation. This was after an onlooker let examiners know that she saw a man coordinating the suspect’s depiction with the missing lady at the Sailors game.


Soon after the capture was made, on Thursday, in a news preparation, police said that they had likewise recuperated a vehicle in association with the case. Be that as it may, they didn’t unveil on the off chance that the vehicle had a place with the missing lady or the suspect.

Upon the arrival of the vanishing, Fox News detailed that Leticia Martinez Cosman supposedly went to a Sailors game with a male individual she had as of late met. She was apparently dating him in the wake of separating from her ex, who lives out of state.

In an image delivered by specialists, Cosman was seen presenting with the male during the Sailors game not long from now before she vanished. Specialists said that the individual was evaluated, yet it was hazy assuming he was a similar man captured in her vanishing.

Soon after they captured Brett Gitchel, police requested that the public contact policing any data that would prompt the whereabouts of Leticia Martinez Cosma, who they assumed dead. The suspect was captured on charges of crime, abducting, attack, and burglary regarding the case.

The baffling case took an odd turn after Leticia Martinez Cosman’s grown-up child uncovered to relatives that on the day preceding she evaporated, an outsider baited him out of the house around midnight and endeavored to kill him before he moved away from the unidentified aggressor.

Enumerating the occurrence, a source near the family told Fox News that a man, who supposedly awakened Cosman’s child around 2 am, let him know that his mom had been harmed in the fall and proposed to take him to the clinic.

The child, recognized as Patrick, then, at that point, purportedly got into a vehicle with the more unusual, who cruised all over for some time prior to getting into the secondary lounge. There, the outsider attempted to gag Patrick with a pack over his head. On Thursday, a source near the family told Fox News Computerized:

“They cruised all over, several stops. At last he came up with this rationalization to go to the secondary lounge – – and that is the point at which he put a pack over his head and attempted to stifle him.”
According to the power source, Cosman’s child Patrick, who couldn’t affirm to police whether his aggressor was Gitchel, apparently dialed 911 subsequent to getting away from the attacker and was tracked down meandering close to the forest in Renton.

Missing Leticia Martinez Update; She Was most recently seen at Seattle Sailors Game, Assist with finding HerSeattle Police are requesting the public’s help with finding Leticia Martinez-Cosman, who has been absent since Friday night on Spring 31st. As specialists keep on investigating the case, anybody with data is approached to call the SPD Vicious Wrongdoings Tip Line at (206) 233-5000.