Who Is Brice Williams? Pennsylvania Drag Queen Arrested For Sexual Assault

Brice Williams, who goes by her drag name Anastasia Diamond, is a remarkable new novice cross dresser situated in Southcentral Pennsylvania.

He has ascended to notoriety following his presentation as a fruitful drag entertainer and his contribution in friendly works, the battle for the privileges of LGBT people group, and other chipping in exercises. Similarly, the entertainer sacked the Rising Star Award from the LGBT Center of Central Pa. in 2020.


More on him, Brice Williams likewise fills in as a clinical caseworker who attempts to assist patients with tracking down their greatness and get the consideration they need.

The fabulousness sovereign impersona Brice Williams has as of late snatched the spotlight, not so much for her social exercises but rather the rape charges.

To find out about the well known person Brice Williams, his drag camouflage Anastasia Diamond, read the article underneath to find out more.

Who Is Brice Williams? Pennsylvania Drag Queen Arrested For Sexual Assault Brice Williams is a cross dresser and social laborer captured for rape. Similarly, she has additionally been accused of 25 counts of ownership of kid sexual entertainment in Pennsylvania.

In addition, he likewise had express pictures and recordings (no less than 49 photographs and 25 recordings) of bare young men under 18, as written in Fox 43.

Brice Williams, also known as Anastasia, the supposed local area extremist for LGBTQ+ who has been working with youth, is reputed to be determined to have HIV.

This drove individuals to fear for their youngsters’ security. A few internet based clients have even cautioned guardians to safeguard their youngsters no matter what, with the world getting more insane continuously and hunters all around. Who might have thought the individual they revered could do such unethical demonstrations?

The report about the 26-year-old Brice Williams being criminally charged by the Franklin County District Attorney surfaced on the web. Following this stunning news, the Franklin County Coalition for Progress governing body has taken out Williams from its board and all programming expressing that the board unequivocally censures all types of youngster misuse and double-dealing.

Brice Williams Jail Sentence And Mugshot Brice Williams is right now in police care, yet her discipline of prison sentence has not been disclosed at this point.

A starter hearing has not been finished, and it is planned for July 5 before Magisterial District Judge Kristin Nicklas, according to Penn Live.

The site additionally noticed that he was taken to the Franklin County Prison in lieu of $100,000 bail.

There is no accessibility of such pictures about Brice Williams’ mugshots as the last hearing is yet to be made, and such pictures have not been promoted at this point.

Brice Williams Net Worth Amid His Arrests Brice Williams’ total assets is supposed to be in million or not exactly that, given her short involvement with the drag world.

As verified in Vice, some cross dressers procure more than $100,000 every year, while most entertainers additionally make nearly considerably less. It is likewise found that the New York bars pay somewhere in the range of $50 and $250 every night in addition to tips for the drag entertainers in their bars.

It is additionally announced that some well known cross dressers like RuPaul make $50,000 per episode of Drag Race.