Who Is Brittanya Razavi the Curvy Instagram Model?

Brittanya Razavi is an American Instagram model and entertainer who rose to unmistakable quality through her job in the VH1 television series, Rock of Adoration Transport. As a model, Brittanya has showed up as a beauty queen for a few standard design magazines, and her fiery character and excellent gifts have charmed her to the profound respect of her various fans.

Asides from her different spells as an entertainer and model, Brittanya is likewise a business person; she claims a dress line called 187 Road.


All the more in this way, she has had her reasonable part of discussions, with the most recent being a six-month jail sentence she got in 2010 after truly attacking another lady.

Subsequently, her name has stayed on the media for a significant length of time. Peruse on, as we keep on investigating intriguing realities about the surprising Instagram model beneath.

Who Is Brittanya Razavi? The Instagram model was born on the seventh day of July 1985 and she is a local of Oxnard, California, US.

Profile Summary
First Name: Brittanya
Last Name: Razavi
Also Known As: Brittanya O-Campo
Sex/Gender: Female
Profession: Actress, Model, fashion designer
Famous For: “Charm School”, “Rock of Love”
Colleges/Universities Attended: N/A
Educational Qualifications: N/A
Religion: Unknown
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth: 37 years old (2 June 1985)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birth Place: Oxnard, California
Nationality: American
Ethnicity/Race: Mexican
Country of Residence: United States of America (USA)
Physical Attributes
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (1.57 m)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Other Body Measurements: Bust – 36 inches,
Waist – 25 inches,
Hip – 37 inches
Marital Status: Married
Spouse/Partner: Moe Razavi (m. 2010)
Family and Relatives
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Children: 2 Sons – Cash King and Legend King
Siblings: Tiffany O’Campo – Sister
Other Relatives: N/A
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth: $8 million
Salary: N/A
Source of Wealth: Showbiz
Age/Date of Birth: 37 years old (2 June 1985)
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (1.57 m)
Ethnicity/Race: Mexican
Nationality: American
Husband or Boyfriend: Moe Razavi (m. 2010)
Parents: N/A
Net Worth: $8 million

She experienced childhood in a group of seven and was raised by her folks whose characters are obscure. The much we know is that her dad was detained when she was 15.

Her more youthful sister, Tiffany O-Campo has likewise cut a specialty for herself in the business area. Following the long shortfall of her dad, Brittanya Razavi figured out how to be autonomous, subsequently started supporting her mother in dealing with the family. After her father’s jail spell, Razavi actually shares a nearby bond with him. In any case, it is broadly accepted that the absence of a protective impact in Brittanya Razavi’s high school years contributed a lot to what she is today, particularly concerning her thriving vocation as a fabulousness model.

A Gander At Brittanya Razavi’s Children and Day to day Life Brittanya Razavi has had her reasonable portion of close connections and is likewise a pleased mother of two kids.

The staggering model is said to have wandered into parenthood in her adolescents. As indicated by online sources, she had her most memorable kid at 15 years old and left the kid under the guardianship of her granddad. In any case, there’s no data with respect to her youngster or who her child daddy is.

In this way, she started a relationship with a man named Nico Vasquez. Their relationship, in any case, finished suddenly because of obnoxious attack.

A while later, she experienced passionate feelings for lastly got hitched to Moe Razavi, who is of Iranian ethnical foundation.

The couple secured the bunch after Brittanya finished her half year prison term. She was condemned to jail in the year 2010 after she truly attacked a lady in 2008.

While detained, Brittanya Razavi was shown a lot of adoration by her future spouse, who consistently visited her.

Having remained close by all through the troublesome times, the pair became indistinguishable and afterward took a weighty jump on their relationship. Since their wedding in 2010, they have since extended their family with the appearance of their most memorable child, Money Ruler in Walk 2011. They additionally invited another child named Legend Lord in the next year.

At some point in 2015, it was reputed that the couple tapped out as things went bad between them. In any case, they have revived their adoration and have been pushing ahead from that point forward. In the interim, Razavi’s better half fills in as the CEO of a computerized media and diversion bunch.

He is likewise engaged with his significant other’s business and is supposed to deal with a touch of it.

What Is Brittanya Razavi’s Total assets? The tasteful model has made gigantic abundance for herself, all on account of her persistent effort and obligation to her specialties. Not just has she set up a good foundation for herself in a plenty of vocations, which has empowered her to gather a great fortune, however she likewise gathered her abundance through certain interests in land.

That being said, Brittanya Razavi has had the option to gather a total assets put at $8 million and taking a gander at her ongoing speed, her monetary worth will undoubtedly increment in the following years. How Brittanya Razavi Turned into an Instagram Sensation Brittanya Razavi started her displaying vocation a couple of years prior.

She later joined Instagram, where she began transferring provocative photographs of herself. Sooner or later, her fame started to rise and her fanbase kept on expanding.

As of now, she has amassed in excess of fifteen million adherents on Instagram and a few million on other web-based entertainment stages.

Through her exceptional dress sense, sizzling body, and astounding sprouting certainty, the popular model has procured herself a small bunch of demonstrating gigs.

She has showed up on the front of striking magazines like Disgusting Mag, Sports Mag, and Revel Ink, and so on.

While she is partaking in her blossoming displaying vocation, Razavi likewise fanned out to acting, through which she has showed up in a lot of motion pictures and Programs.

A portion of her essential appearances incorporate Broken Companions, Rock of Adoration Transport, I Love Cash, and Appeal School.

Notwithstanding her line of works, Brittanya likewise carries out her specialty in the style business. As of late, she sent off a web based apparel line called 187 Road, where she sells ladies’ clothing.

She likewise claims one more site known as Brittany television, where she transfers erotic recordings. All the more thus, she has similarly shown her diverse nature through her originally distributed work entitled, Mogul Self-Talk. She is allegedly making arrangements for the distribution of her life account – My Brain, My Unmistakable advantage.

Brittanya Razavi’s Level Albeit the typical level for an American model is 5 feet 9 inches, Razavi isn’t your normal sort of model. The lovely model stands 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) tall, which is a couple crawls beneath the normal level for American ladies (5 feet 4 inches). Notwithstanding that, her thrilling constitution has made her stand apart among her equivalents.

She additionally sports body estimations of Bust – 36 inches, Abdomen – 25 inches, and Hip – 37 inches. Strangely, her body weight barely surpasses 57 kg or goes under 50 kg. This is a pointer to the way that she lives and keeps a sound way of life.

What is Brittanya Razavi’s Identity? According to Brittanya Razavi’s looks, one could infer that she is of blended nationality, however a few web-based reports have it that she is white. In any case, the Instagram model is yet to affirm it.

What is Brittanya Razavi’s Age? Brittanya Razavi is 37 years of age. She was born on the seventh day of July 1985 in Oxnard, California, US.

Who Is Brittanya Razavi’s Better half? The Instagram star is hitched to a man named Moe Razavi, who is of Iranian identity. The couple got hitched in 2010 after Brittanya finished her half year prison term.

Who Are Brittanya Razavi’s Children? Since they secured the bunch in 2010, Brittanya Razavi and her better half, Moe Razavi, have since extended their loved ones. They invited their most memorable child, Money Ruler, in Walk 2011 and their subsequent child named Legend Lord in 2012.

What is Brittanya Razavi’s Weight? The bodyweight of this stunning model scarcely surpasses 57 kg or goes under 50 kg, on account of her solid way of life. She likewise stands 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) tall and has a body estimation of bust – 36 inches, abdomen – 25 inches, and hip – 37 inches.

What is Brittanya Razavi’s Total assets? The tasteful model has had the option to collect an expected total assets of $8 million, on account of her plenty of professions and her interest in land. Based on the speed at which she is moving, it is normal that her monetary worth will increment before very long.