Who Is Calvin Crew Penn Hills? Uber Driver Christi Spicuzza Murder Finally Has The Suspect


The police were looking for the killer after they found Christi’s body following her missing report. At this point, it seems as though Crew is behind the homicide and will deal with repercussions; nonetheless, nothing is demonstrated up to this point.

The police examination is as yet progressing, and the blamed has not been prested to the court yet; notwithstanding, soon he will be perhaps then there may be an unambiguous response behind the justification for homicide in light of the fact that up to this point, there is no response about the inspiration driving the homicide.


Who Is Calvin Crew Penn Hills? Calvin is a man police have taken guardianship of for the supposed homicide of the under driver Christi. Team is currently coming up against indictments of homicide, messing with proof. There is dashcam film of him holding a weapon against Christi’s head.

To give more insights regarding the occurrence, at first, Christi went for a Uber admission and got Crew. From that point forward, Crew held a weapon against Crew’s head and advised her to do what he says. This large number of discussions are recorded on dashcam, which was subsequently found.

The uber driver begged the killer to release her since she is the mother of four, and assuming anything happened to her, her child’s life will be endangered. Nonetheless, Calvin showed no benevolence to the lady.

Inevitably, Calvin was seen saying the driver not to stress and the recording is interfered with suddenly after that. It is as yet indistinct why he killed a guiltless individual for reasons unknown.

Man Arrested In Uber Driver Christi Spicuzza Murder Individuals were paralyzed by the demise of Uber driver Christi while driving uber, so from that point onward, the inquiries of driver security was additionally begun to be addressed by individuals. The police were looking for the killer after the episode.

Presently, it appears as though the police are going to end this case with the conviction of the killer. The police have captured a man named Calvin Crew after finding him in the vehicle dashcam in the examination.

Uber gave information to the police about the GPS and other data of area to cops and that assisted them with addressing this case. This case has stood out as truly newsworthy in light of the fact that a blameless mother lost her life.

At this point, the police have not put out any announcement clarifying the rationale behind the wrongdoing, so there is no response to why Christi was killed by Crew.