Who is Carlos Almonte? Protestor who wished death to Jews was foreign fighter for al-Shabaab

Carlos Almonte, once a protestor with an enemy of Jewish flag, later turned into an indicted Islamic fanatic
Captured in 2010 close by a companion, Mohamed Hamoud Alessa, they were wanting to join Al-Shabaab
Almonte, born in the Dominican Republic, was condemned to 20 years in jail

In 2008, Carlos Almonte acquired consideration for his support in a dissent at the Israeli Consulate in New York City, using a standard with an upsetting message: “Demise to all Juice,” upholding for the obliteration of Jews.


This act marked the start of a wild excursion that would later uncover his change into an indicted Islamic radical.

Who is Carlos Almonte?

Carlos Almonte, at first known for fighting at the Israeli Government office in New York City with a pennant communicating hostile to Jewish opinions, later arose as a believer to Islam and a sentenced Islamic fanatic. Close by his companion Mohamed Hamoud Alessa, Almonte intended to join the Somali-based dread gathering Al-Shabaab.

The pair was captured in June 2010 at JFK Global Air terminal as they endeavored to load up discrete worldwide flights. Almonte, otherwise called Omar, was condemned to 20 years in jail in April 2013 for planning to commit demonstrations of worldwide psychological oppression for Al-Shabaab.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1983 or 1984, Almonte turned into a U.S. resident and was imprisoned for his association in fanatic exercises. The FBI examination, codenamed “Activity Middle Eastern Knight,” uncovered their radicalization, procurement of fanatic content, and groundwork for an excursion to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab.

The case highlighted the difficulties of counterterrorism endeavors in checking and keeping people from taking part in fear monger exercises.