Who Is Carmen Piscioneri? Everything On Mahmoud Brownie Ahmed Wife – Where Is She Now?


Carmen Piscioneri is the spouse of Mahmoud Brownie Ahmed, who was heartlessly killed in a hail of gunfire Friday night in Sydney’s southwest.

After a $1 million abundance was put on his head, Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahamad was killed while visiting an assistant on a rural road in Greenacre at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday.


Carmen Piscioneri Is Brownie Ahmed’s Wife: Her Age According to dailymail.co.uk, Carmen Piscioneri’s age in 2018 was 32 years of age, which makes her current age 36 years of age.

Her better half, in the wake of carrying out a five-year jail punishment for killing a gangland rival, Ahamad, was delivered a half year prior, and his foes were out to get him.

Last October, Ahmad barely got away from one more death endeavor when he was educated regarding an arranged hit on him without really trying to hide at a Rushcutters Bay park. Police say Ahmad was cautioned on numerous occasions, most as of late that he was a marked man and that his life was in impending peril.

It comes as Ahmad’s dispossessed relatives accumulated at the scene on Thursday morning, however were denied section into the cordoned-off region, making officials become irritated.

Ahmad was in the road it was gunned somewhere around a “enormous hail of shots” as he was leaving, as per Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty to see an associate when he.

He proceeded to express that there were a great deal of people with Ahmad in the road at that point, as well as guiltless regular citizens and that it was an “outright supernatural occurrence” that nobody was killed or hurt.

Police are exploring a colossal number of “people of interest” and suspects in Ahmad’s passing.

Does Carmen Piscioneri Have Children? Up to this point, no data about Carmen Piscioneri’s youngsters has been disclosed. There are a couple of sources that give helpful data on Carmen.

All things considered, distributing any data without the important information would be underhanded.

Mahmaud Brownie Wife Net Worth On March 21, Carmen Piscioneri, Mahmoud’s significant other got a request for a duty obligation of about $1 million.

She sold two or three’s five-room property in Highview Ave, Greenacre, for $1.2 million on April 4, 2018.

In any case, no data about her profit or pay has been unveiled at this point. She was supposed to live in a leased condo in Bankstown. Carmen has stayed under the radar as her significant other Ahmad kept on investing energy with the coordinated wrongdoing bunch.

Where Could Carmen Piscioneri Now be? Sadly, Carmen Piscioneri’s ongoing whereabouts are indistinct.

As per reports, after Mahmoud Brownie Ahmed’s destruction, his upset family members came to the cordoned-off crime location at 9 a.m. on Thursday however were rejected section. Officials told Ahmad’s family members they weren’t permitted to pass the edge for any reason.

It’s hazy whether his better half, Carmen, was among the family members he visited