Who Is Chay Bowskill? Angel Lynn Boyfriend Arrested, Is He A Gypsy? Mother and Family


Chay Bowskill has made everybody worried about their particular dating life. Everybody is shocked by the insight about him capturing his better half, Angel Lynn, and leaving her with life-harming wounds.

Heavenly messenger’s dad, Paddy, said in an assertion, “Our lives have been changed to the point of being indistinguishable for eternity. Heavenly messenger was overflowing with life and had a splendid future in front of her. Unfortunately, that future has been grabbed away from her.”


Who Is Chay Bowskill? Chay Bowskill is a 20years elderly person captured for seizing her better half, Angel Lynn, and leaving her with serious mind harm.

On September 17, 2020, he hauled his sweetheart into a van before she tumbled from the vehicle. The vehicle was going at 60mph along the A6 close to Loughborough when she fell and harmed her head.

As per the proof introduced at Leicester Crown Court, she experienced horrendous cerebrum wounds. Which made her incapable to convey needing nonstop consideration.

As per her family, “she is alive however won’t ever carry on with a daily existence.”

Regardless of being indicted for fierce abducting just as coercive and controlling conduct, Bowskill was simply condemned to seven and a half years in jail, of which he would probably serve just half.

Bowskill was seen as not at real fault for ghastly real damage to Miss Lynn for her wounds in the wake of asserting she willfully leaped out of the vehicle.

He is relied upon to deliver as soon as June 2024, assuming that the time served on remand is considered. Besides, Bowskill was likewise indicted for coercive and controlling conduct in his relationship with Miss Lynn.

Just as debasing the course of equity in the wake of placing tension on his mom to move in an opposite direction from her police proclamation.

Heavenly messenger Lynn Boyfriend Chay Bowskill Arrested For Kidnapping Heavenly messenger Lynn Boyfriend Chay Bowskill was captured yesterday for grabbing her sweetheart alongside his companion Rocco Sansome. Rocco Sansome was his accessory in the hijacking since he was driving the van of the kidnapping.

The jury at Leicester Crown Court heard how Bowskill, got her after a battle and constrained her into the van. Bowskill is seen on CCTV pursuing Lynn prior to getting her and pulling her back to the vehicle.

She later tumbled from the van while it was going at around 60mph on the double carriageway, bringing about groundbreaking mind harm.

Bowskill was condemned to seven and a half years. While Sansome was condemned to 21 months in a youthful guilty party organization and was banished from driving for a considerable length of time.

Nonetheless, subsequent to getting objections that the sentence was ‘plainly deficient,’ Attorney General Suella Braverman will presently survey the case.

She has 28 days to pursue the case to the Court of Appeal, where Bowskill’s sentence could be fundamentally expanded.

Is Chay Bowskill A Gypsy? Mother Katherine Norris and Family Chay Bowskill is viewed as a vagabond however we have no data regarding that right now. His mom Katherine Norris is embarrassed about his child and said something against him about his poisonous relationship with Angel.

She told the jury at the pair frequently spend the evenings at her home and were in a “poisonous relationship”. She further cases that they ought not have remained together and that they oftentimes battled about trivial issues.

She concurred that her child would furiously shout, shout at the supposed casualty, once to the place where the sweetheart momentarily imploded.

We will refresh you with additional insight concerning Bowskill and his family when more data is made free.