Who is Christopher Rogers? University of Pennsylvania student signs statement supporting Hamas’ massacre of Israelis

College of Pennsylvania understudy Christopher Rogers signs a disputable assertion embracing Hamas’ atrocities
Rogers, a Ph.D. graduate in way of thinking, is related with extremist gatherings
The occurrence raises moral worries about supporting associations engaged with grave basic liberties infringement

Christopher Rogers, an individual from the Police Free Penn bunch, was essential for a Penn understudy association that marked an assertion supporting Hamas. This assertion, gave by Penn Understudies Against the Control of Palestine (PAO) and co-endorsed by four different gatherings, amazingly embraced Hamas’ atrocities, including mass homicide, torment, assault, decapitations, and kidnappings.


Who is Christopher Rogers?

Christopher Rogers, distinguished as “Christopher R. Rogers” on LinkedIn, is a College of Pennsylvania (Penn) graduate with a Ph.D. in way of thinking, granted in 2023. At the hour of the questionable assertion, Rogers was purportedly an individual from Police Free Penn.

Rogers’ LinkedIn profile uncovers that he has been functioning as the “Lead” at We Win from The inside, LLC since June 2023 and filled in as an exploration individual at The Middle for the Conservation of Social liberties Locales (CPCRS) at Penn since May 2023.

Past his scholar and expert pursuits, Rogers assumed a part in activism, serving on the public directing panel for People of color Matter at School. His relationship with Police Free Penn and the questionable assertion supporting Hamas features his commitment to different social and political causes.

While Penn is arranged in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as of October 2023, Christopher Rogers’ LinkedIn profile shown that he was situated in Chester, Pennsylvania.

The assertion supporting Hamas came in the repercussions of the October 7, 2023 fear assaults, generally censured as one of the most terrible single-day slaughters of Jews since the Holocaust. Hamas’ ruthless activities, including mass homicides and shocking atrocities, drew worldwide compassion toward Israel while igniting festivities among some Palestinian and against Israel bunches in the US.

It’s essential to take note of that Hamas, the association Rogers upheld, has been assigned as a psychological oppressor association by the US, Canada, the European Association, Israel, and different nations. Established in 1987, Hamas has a background marked by savagery, including mass shootings, self destruction bombings, and rocket assaults against Israeli regular citizens.