Who is Christopher Track? Teen convicted to 12 years for murder of 16-year-old at Phoenix

A battle between two 16-year-old young men brought about the deficiency of one life
Christopher Track and Sovereign Nedd were working at a McDonald’s and conceded that, following a debate, he shot Nedd
He confessed to the second-degree murder of Ruler Nedd and was condemned to 12 years in jail

A fierce battle between two 16-year-old young men brought about the deficiency of one youthful life, while the other, Christopher Track, who is presently 17, had to deal with grown-up penalties.


Christopher Track and Ruler Nedd had been utilized at a McDonald’s in Walk 2022. Track straightforwardly conceded that, following a question, he shot Nedd. The occurrence at last prompted the deficiency of Nedd’s life.

Prevalent Court Judge Suzanne Cohen conveyed the condemning for Track on Friday. Her choice considered Track’s past and his activities, all of which unfurled within the sight of the two his and Nedd’s lamenting families.

Who is Christopher Track?

Christopher Track is 17 years of age. In a June trial at Maricopa District Prevalent Court, Christopher Track confessed to the second-degree murder of 16-year-old Ruler Nedd and was consequently condemned to 12 years in jail for his contribution in the occurrence.

Under Arizona regulation, there is an arrangement that commands people matured 15 years or more established to be attempted as grown-ups assuming they are accused of explicit lawful offense wrongdoings, which was the point for Track’s situation.

As per court records, Track and Nedd got into a battle on Walk 2, 2022, at a McDonald’s café near 51st Road and Gauge Street in Phoenix. The contention began once again a food request in the café’s bathroom from the beginning.

Nedd won the physical battle, as indicated by a report the state recorded with the court, and afterward continued to insult Track about it while shooting it on his telephone. Nedd left the café after this quarrel.

However, track’s reaction changed unfortunately. He got a weapon and pursued Nedd, shooting him in the back while he was still inside the Mcdonald’s. Track completed this deed and afterward took off.

Be that as it may, following five days, Track strolled into the police region and gave himself over to the cops.