Who Is Clarissa Neo From Biomed Global? Accident Details, Is She Dead?


A 28-year-old Singaporean lady named Clarissa Neo died in Malaysia while going with three different companions to Redang Island, Terengganu. Individuals who realized her are crushed to hear the news and grieve her demise via online entertainment.

Clarissa Neo was working at Biomed Global, and she was likewise a financial specialist who had helped to establish, The Better jewel organization with her companion, Adeline Lin. It was a gems organization that sold lab-developed precious stones.


Who Is Clarissa Neo From Biomed Global? Clarissa Neo was a Regional Business Development official at Biomed Global. As per her LinkedIn account, she accepted her Biological and Biomedical Sciences certificate from the National University of Singapore.

Prior to working at Biomed, she had work encounters in the National University Hospital, Singapore Food Agency, and GE medical care. Notwithstanding Biomed Global, she was the fellow benefactor and head working official of The Better Diamond, a gems organization that sells lab-developed precious stones.

Her companion and fellow benefactor Adeline Lin said Neo had shown up in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday for an excursion for work for Biomed and was booked to leave again on Sunday.

The mishap left Lin in shock, who said she had addressed her under an hour prior to the mishap.

Clarissa Neo Accident Details To Follow Clarissa Neo has been recognized as the casualty who was killed after a BMW wherein she was voyaging let completely go and struck the railing in the downpour while she and her three companions were making a trip to Redang Island, Terengganu, for an excursion in Malaysia. The island is eminent for its completely clear waters and white sand sea shores.

As indicated by a prior report from Straits Times, she was a 28 years of age occupant of Lion City who voyaged yesterday via vehicle with three companions from Malaysia to Redang Island, Terengganu. Them four had left Kuala Lumpur that day at around 1 pm.

The 31-year-old driver, Ng Shea Shin, was her beau who let completely go as he moved toward a puddle and collided with a side of the road railing, killing Clarrisa Neo Li Shan, who was in the front seat, and causing harm to the left leg of another traveler.

The clinical staff at the site affirmed the casualty’s passing, and her body was shipped off the Hulu Terengganu Hospital’s Forensic Unit for dissection. The departed’s family is heading out to Malaysia. In like manner, the vehicle’s driver and one more back traveler, Goh Yong Zhin, were safe.

Is Clarissa Neo Dead? Clarissa Neo is dead, according to the news source, subsequent to experiencing a lethal auto collision when she and her three companions were headed to Redang Island, Terengganu.

Her family is going to Malaysia, and he body has been shipped off the emergency clinic for a post-mortem. She was sitting in the front seat alongside the driver’s seat and was the main casualty who died in the mishap.

Two individuals were safe, though one of them harmed her legs. There was one man and three ladies in the vehicle.