Who is Dairo Antonio Usuga? Colombia’s drug kingpin pleads guilty in New York court


On Wednesday, January 25, 51-year-old Colombian medication head boss Dairo Antonio Usuga conceded to sneaking charges in a New York court.

Fox revealed that Dairo Antonio Usuga, otherwise called Otoniel, conceded to having driven the Bay Tribe, a neo-paramilitary medication dealing association situated in Antioquia, Colombia.


CBC detailed that while Dairo Antonio Usuga had been needed by Colombian specialists beginning around 2011 for drug dealing and numerous murders, the hunt endeavors heightened after the US Branch of State offered a $5 million prize for data prompting his capture.

Thusly, Colombian specialists additionally started to offer $5 million. The Colombian government likewise offered an extra $800,000 abundance for his catch.

In October 2021, Usuga was captured from a safe-house in Uraba, Antioquia. On May 4, he was removed to the US.

Hurray announced that Dairo Antonio Usuga was born on September 15, 1971, in Necocli, Colombia. Brought up in a laborer family, at 18 years old, Usuga joined the radical paramilitary gathering the Well known Freedom Armed force, which was engaged with a revolt against the Colombian government.

In the mid 90’s, after the Famous Freedom Armed force consented to a harmony arrangement, Usuga joined the Unified Self-Protections of Colombia, a conservative paramilitary gathering that was saturated with the cocaine exchange. Yet again in 2005, he moved faithfulness to the Bay Tribe, a paramilitary that had a standing as the country’s biggest medication cartel.

By 2009, Usuga had ascended the positions of the Inlet Cartel, arising as its chief. As per examiners, in his ability as the top of the association, Usuga requested drug dealing, as well as murders, bombings, and guerrilla-style assaults on police authorities and criminal opponents.

Usuga added that in the consequence of his capture, he had requested his men to quit going after the police. Safeguard legal counselor Paul Nalven guaranteed that the medication master executed this “truce” expecting a “superior Colombia.”

“With the present blameworthy supplication, the horrendous rule of the most incredibly savage and critical Colombian opiates dealer since Pablo Escobar is finished.”
Harmony proceeded:

“Úsuga David has now been considered responsible for his authority of the Faction del Golfo, which was liable for dealing lots of unlawful opiates from Colombia to the US and endless demonstrations of savagery against policing, faculty, and regular citizens in Colombia and somewhere else.”