Who is Dallas Whelan? Louisville shooter Connor Sturgeon’s friend finds ominous note threatening to shoot up the bank


A new report uncovered that Connor Sturgeon, the 25-year Old Public Bank representative who killed five individuals and harmed eight others at the bank, left a note for his folks and a companion/flat mate Dallas Whelan uncovering his arrangements to shoot up the bank.

While the contents of the note and the day on which the note was found are muddled, Sturgeon’s companion Dallas Whelan purportedly informed the police about tracking down a note that expressed the investor’s aim to carry out mass homicide.


According to the New York Post, refering to site Broadcastify, Connor Sturgeon likewise passed on an upsetting voice message to a “companion” where he shared an understanding into the viciousness preparing inside his head. According to Fox News, the phone message was passed on to Dallas Whelan minutes before the shooting.

Broadcastify purportedly delivered over 31 minutes of sound of the police reaction to the shooting progressively. The sound record uncovered that Sturgeon evidently passed on a voice message to Whelan expressing that he was feeling self-destructive and would kill everybody at the bank.

According to The New York Post, Dallas Whelan, who at present fills in as a HR Deals Specialist in Louisville, met Connor Sturgeon at the College of Alabama, where they finished their college degree.

According to his LinkedIn page, Whelan got his graduate degree in marketing from the College of Alabama, Manderson Graduate Institute of Business, graduating in 2020. Not long after, he started his occupation as a HR deals expert at Continuously Planning for Individuals. Whelan likewise seemed to have functioned as a parttime deals partner at Fastebal while reading up for his lord’s at the college.

Sturgeon apparently moved into the 1,000-square-foot home bought by Whelan in April 2022 and was dwelling at the property on Taylor Road at the hour of the mass shooting occurrence.

On Monday, April 10, 2023, Sturgeon, a representative at an old public bank in midtown Louisville, outfitted with a long rifle, started shooting at the primary floor of the structure, killing five colleagues. The attacker additionally harmed eight others, including two cops who were injured while answering the scene. Sturgeon was killed at the scene following an extraordinary showdown with the officials.

While authorities presently can’t seem to unveil an expected thought process in the killing, it’s been broadly revealed that Connor Sturgeon was on the cusp of being terminated from the bank. Sturgeon’s family likewise stood up, uncovering that the financier, who had purportedly supported various blackouts as an elite player school competitor, had psychological well-being issues.

Connor Sturgeon and Dallas Whelan’s neighbor, Michael McCoy, told the New York Post that Whelan was stunned by his companion’s activities adding that he saw regulation officials eliminating PCs from their home. McCoy purportedly addressed Whelan soon after the occurrence, and the last option was apparently shocked over the vicious occasions.

Connor Sturgeon, who was broadly portrayed as a tranquil person with an even disposition, seemed to have walloped a few group with the viciousness that many agreed was bizarre, including colleague Rebecca Buchheit-Sims.

Upon the arrival of the giving, Rebecca, a supervisor at the bank, basically went to the Monday early daytime meeting in the meeting room before the suspect started shooting as workers assembled around the first-floor room before the bank was available to the general population.

Buchheit-Sims, who portrayed the suspect as a very clever individual, let CNN know that she was stunned to see the brutality originating from her collaborator, who had an even disposition and never had a sudden emotional eruption out in the open.

Louisville police distinguished the killed casualties as Tommy Elliot, 63, Josh Barrick, 40, Jim Tutt, 64, Juliana Rancher, 45, and Deana Eckert, 57, all workers at the Old Public Bank.