Who Is David And Mary Thomson Shooting Victim Jahiem Robinson And Is The Killer Arrested?


On Monday evening, a 18-year-old Grade 12 understudy Jahiem Robinson was shot to no end at Scarborough’s David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute. It is the third time that a Toronto youth was killed inside a school working in three years.

Jordan Manners, a 15-year-old understudy at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, was shot and killed in 2007. Hamid Aminzada at North Albion Collegiate Institute was cut to no end in 2014.


Who Is Jahiem Robinson? David and Mary Thomson shooting casualty Jahiem Robinson was a 18 years of age Grade 12 understudy gunned somewhere around 14 years of age in Toronto, Canada. In addition, the occurrence happened soon after the school day finished at 2:50 p.m. Before long, the school was placed on lockdown.

Robinson was shot in the head, however police agents are reluctant to affirm this right now. The occurrence happened at Lawrence Avenue East and Midland Avenue at David and Mary Thomson Collegiate, 125 Brockley Dr. Not long after 3 p.m.

Police were dispatched to the school soon as the occurrence was accounted for. The shooting happened soon after school’s excusal. Officials found Jahiem Robinson with a discharge wound and called for treatment from Toronto paramedics.

Robinson, from school’s twelfth grade, died on the spot. It an official statement close to the school, Toronto Police Service representative Insp. Richard Harris said the news was “decimating.”

David And Mary Thomson Shooting Death Of Jahiem Robinson A 14-year-old was captured for the shooting of Jahiem Robinson in David and Mary Thomson.

In any case, the blamed’s name has not been distributed because of Youth Criminal Justice Act. He has been charged and imprisoned.Insp. Hank Idsinga expressed at a question and answer session Tuesday that the shooting hoped to portray an “execution.”

The denounced 14-year-old moved toward Robinson and shot him at point-clear reach. Idsinga declined to conjecture on the intention, yet he asserted the two had “some cooperation” past to the shooting.

A firearm presently can’t seem to be found for the situation. Officials are working intimately with the city to comprehend the hidden reasons for firearm savagery among youngsters.

Jahiem Robinson Age and Wikipedia Explored Jahiem Robinson was 18 years of age when he was fiercely killed on Monday. He is accepted to live approach the David and Mary Thomson Collegiate.

Robinson was a customary understudy learning at David and Mary Thomson Collegiate. Jahiem Robinson was found with a gunfire twisted close to the school’s back entryways.

He was articulated dead on the spot, as indicated by police. Moreover, the presume started shooting behind Robinson prior to running away from the area, looking briefly casualty.

The 14-year-old purportedly attacked the subsequent casualty and pointed the firearm at him however didn’t shoot the weapon. Examiners said the whole fundamental level of the school was being treated as a “crime location.”