Who Is Debra Jeter? Where is She Now? Check Mugshot Crime and Charges Reports


On Tuesday, Debra Jeter, a 33-year-elderly person, conceded to endeavored endlessly murder. She was seen as at real fault for killing one of her girls and severely harming the other in a Hillsboro assault. Prior to being condemned to state jail, Debra Jetter talked with her alienated spouse and her enduring girl. She was sorry to the two of them for carrying out such a terrible wrongdoing. This was one of those cases that was all over online entertainment and made a great deal of public news. Many individuals the nation over were stunned and disheartened by this case.

Debra has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance of delivery. On Thursday, Debra was moved to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice jail unit in Gatesville. Debra’s request safeguarded her from capital punishment for the appalling wrongdoing she carried out. Prior to being taken to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice jail unit in Gatesville on Friday, Debra talked with her alienated spouse and her enduring girl. Debra conceded that she actually disdains her separated from mate and that she has no affection for him in her heart, however that she thinks twice about it.


She was sorry to her alienated mate for her activities. As we recently expressed, she likewise talked with her enduring girl, and the mother and little girl had a decent discussion. As indicated by accounts, the mother and girl lived it up and traded a couple of chuckles. She likewise referenced that she will never again have the chance to snicker and banter with her in the rest of the world. Debra likewise made sense of why she had carried out the wrongdoing. Debra guaranteed she was grief stricken and gone after Kirsten and her sister Kelsey subsequently. Debra and her significant other were battling for authority after her folks separated.

She proceeded to say that she did it so everybody would be sans torment until the end of their lives. Debra has been confined by the police since June 5, 2009. Debra called the police and informed them that she had killed her girl. Cops went to the scene and found Kelsey Leanne, 12, dormant, and Kiersten Leigh, 13, seriously harmed in the room. Kiersten was betrayed by her mom when she interceded to save her sister from her mom, as indicated by police. Debra informed the specialists that she had killed her youngster. Stay aware of us for all the most current public and worldwide updates, news, and data.