Who Is Deputy Ryan Kuehner? Off-Duty Cop Shoots Dog With Pellet Gun – Here’s What We Know


Ryan Kuehner is a representative who worked beforehand as a St. Charles County sheriff’s agent.

He has come to go to these couple of months subsequent to shooting and killing his neighbor’s canine for an insignificant, silly explanation. A request named Remove Saint Charles Missouri Sherrif offices “Ryan Kuehner ” for utilizing a pellet weapon to kill his neighbor’s canine has likewise been shared.


Who Is Deputy Ryan Kuehner? An Off-Duty Cop Shoots Dog With Pellet Gun Ryan Kuehner, a previous cop from St Charles County, Missouri, shot a three-year-old canine with a Pellet firearm.

He killed a mastiff blend and salvage canine Apollo in light of the fact that the canine strolled into his yard. Subsequently, the representative made a big stride of killing a pet creature; in this manner, it died in a shooting on May 22.

After the video of him being faced by his neighbor became viral, Ryan has been a more than once viewed as a sociopath strategic, influential place while demonstrating to our local area that he is a brutal individual who isn’t intellectually equipped for standing firm on said situation.

After close to a month or somewhere in the vicinity, the ex-St. Charles County sheriff’s representative confronted a crime allegation in the passing of the blameless canine in July 2022.

With this, many have wished and requested to have the cop eliminated from his situation as a cop as he didn’t feel no dithering in having a lead impact in the pet creature’s passing. He went with such a coldhearted choice despite the fact that the canine caused nothing to damage anybody.

As per a few web-based reports, Kuehner at present has police watches around his home as opposed to being held in prison anticipating preliminary.

Ryan Kuehner shot his neighbor’s canine, making individuals question on the off chance that such sort of individual should be a regulation implementer or on the other hand in the event that such sort of individual can safeguard individuals.

The request for him to be eliminated from Saint Charles Missouri Sherrif’s specialty for utilizing a pellet firearm to kill his neighbor’s canine has been upheld by in excess of 8,900 individuals.

Ryan Kuehner Wife: Who Is He Married To? Ryan Kuehner’s significant other’s subtleties still need to be investigated on the web.

In the viral showdown video, we saw him being trailed by a woman toward the back, who appeared to be his significant other. He was stood up to by Eric Bacon and his significant other, Erica Hansen. The two were the proprietors of the departed canine and were crushed as they lost their kid canine, whom they had thought about a piece of their loved ones.

Ryan has all the earmarks of being a man likely in his 40s or 50s, so it is speculated that he is hitched with a family.

More About Ryan Kuehner’s Resignation On Reddit Ryan Kuehner’s instance of canine has been examined on Reddit, and his abdication part too.

Some Reddit clients even expounded on wishing him to lose his employment and get accused of crimes. It is likewise tracked down that the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department has had a delegate positioned external his home over the course of the day.

It is discovered that Kuehner’s neighbor’s canine had meandered right away into his yard. In any case, the following second, in addition to the fact that he killed this canine, yet when defied by the neighbor about it, he answered his neighbor like “you’ll be hearing from me” with “alright? Also, I’m pleased”, and so forth.