Who Is Derek Kammerzell? Police Chief Officer Who Displayed Nazi Insignia Receiving 1.5M+ For Resign


In the present unusual news, Derek Kammerzell, an associate police boss in Kent, joined a SS image over his nameplate on the way to his office and he was suspended, and the city paid for him to stop as opposed to prosecute the case.

This is turning into a question of discussion among online entertainment clients. A segment of individuals totally concurs with the state’s choice while different disagrees with it by any means.


Who Is Derek Kammerzell? Official Resignation Amount Derek Kammerzell is an ex-Police Chief associate who served the City of Kent for north of thirty years.

As per the city of Kent, which is south of Seattle, the official, Assistant Chief Derek Kammerzell, taped the image of oak leaves and precious stones, signifying the position of Obergruppenführer which is a high-positioning SS official, to his office entryway in the year 2020 on September.

In a proclamation made public last week, the city guaranteed that it had arrived at a settlement with the boss on Wednesday.

After the 2020 occurrence, he was first allowed fourteen days of neglected get-away. City chairman Dana Ralph requested Kammerzell’s renunciation and put him on paid semi-voluntary vacation because of insulted local people and Jewish people group individuals.

Yet again a contention between Kammerzell’s lawyers and the city that appeared to be setting out toward court came about because of the city’s endeavor to punish Kammerzell actually.

Nonetheless, The Seattle Times detailed that impermanent civil boss authoritative official Arthur “Pat” Fiztpatrick, who likewise fills in as the city lawyer, expressed on Friday that the issue had been dealt with through exchange.

Derek Kammerzell Salary And Net Worth Derek Kammerzell’s compensation as the police boss for north of 30 years has been supposed to be good, notwithstanding the couple of contentions he’s looked throughout the time span of his administration.

As of May 27, 2022, Seattle, Washington’s Sheriff/Police Chief pay rates found the middle value of $124,448; nonetheless, the reach was regularly somewhere in the range of $117,501 and $132,008.

Pay reaches can shift fundamentally founded on an assortment of urgent perspectives, including tutoring, qualifications, strengthening gifts, and the period of time you’ve been working in a given field.

Derek is supposed to have acquired a similar sum as referenced previously. Notwithstanding, as he is inaccessible on Linkedin or other vocation ordering locales, we can’t rest assured about his accurate compensation range.

Computing every one of his resources and the new remuneration, the official is supposed to have a total assets of around a portion of 1,000,000 at this point. Despite the fact that he has never referenced it anyplace, his occupation permits him to have the previously mentioned sum in the hour of thirty years of administration.