Who Is Dhante Jackson? Suspect Of Sophia Jackson Murder Arrested Check Charges & Reports


The California police have finally caught Dhante Jackson after an extended manhunt.

The essential suspect in the homicide of 8-year-old Sophia Jackson, who was found dead in a California house last March, is Dhante Jackson.


Sophia disappeared from her home, and when she wasn’t found by the police, she had previously left.

Dhante was confined by policing in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Newark city, as per studies by the cop. Sophia Jackson’s horrendous homicide was an exceptionally disturbing and excruciating occasion for everybody. No one will probably at any point think about how conceivable it is that Sophia, a sweet young lady, could be killed. As per new reports, Samantha Johnson, the mother of the killed Sophia, was dating Dhante. She is presently 30 years of age.

Cops additionally kept Samantha Johnson, who was from that point accused of homicide and kid misuse.

As per extra examination, 4 others were confined by police and accused of serving Dhante Jackson for staying away from and getting away from care. The youthful Sophia disappeared, and a relative of hers detailed her missing in San Francisco, California.

The family recognized that since last December, they haven’t seen small Sophia. Little Sophia’s relatives were vexed and restless about her, so they recorded a lack of protest of.

Following the documenting of the objection, Samantha Johnson, Sophia’s mom, was arrested on charges of kid misuse.

Later on in the request, police criminal investigators in Merced, California, tracked down Sophia’s departed body in a bath of a house.

Samantha likewise uncovered that Sophia was found dead in her beau Dhante Jackson’s home, where she was being held hostage.

She further conceded that Dhante had abused Little Sophia both actually and physically.

One of the most obviously terrible occurrences of savagery against a lady has happened, as indicated by this case.

Everybody has viewed the case as discouraging. Kid victimizers ought to be managed brutally, and they ought to get unforgiving disciplines for their intolerable and uncouth way of behaving.

Sophia, a sweet young lady, was exposed to such ruthlessness and boorishness.

The public authority ought to treat her with equity. We are confident that a fair consequence will be given for youthful Sophia as the court procedures for this situation proceed.

We’ll keep you refreshed on every one of the case’s improvements in your place. Remain tuned with us for all the latest nearby, public, and global turns of events, data, and information.

Who is Dhante Jackson
Sophia Jackson, 8, was tracked down dead in a house in March of a year ago. The essential suspect in her passing is Dhante Jackson.