Who is Donna Adams? Woman goes viral for taking selfie with Josh Allen thinking he’s Chris Pratt lookalike


Donna Adams took a selfie with Josh Allen imagining that he is a clone of entertainer Chris Pratt. Adams is a resigned showing right hand and mother of 3.

At the point when Donna Adams took a selfie with Josh Allen at the air terminal, she didn’t know about what his identity was. She thought Allen seemed to be the Watchmen of the Cosmic system entertainer Chris Pratt her girl enjoyed, and needed to trick her by telling her that she had met him.


Sharing the story via virtual entertainment, her girl expressed that as Adams moved toward the quarterback, somebody close to them called attention to that he was not Pratt. As the individual took out a photograph of Allen on their versatile, Allen evidently said: “I truly do sort of seem as though him.”

Adams then, at that point, answered to it saying: “Perhaps somewhat, yet he has a square head, and you don’t.”

Who is Donna Adams? As per Donna Adams’ Twitter profile, she is a resigned instructing collaborator. She portrays herself as ‘southern born’ and a devotee of the New York Yankees.

Adams has been hitched throughout the previous 33 years. With respect to marriage, she says, ‘Actually have eyes only for my better half of 33 years’, and uncovers that she is the mother of three ‘breathtaking, illuminated grown-ups.’ She is likewise a ‘Glad leftist’.

“@JoshAllenQB Thanks such a huge amount for bearing the cost of me my fleeting brush with popularity after my girls post on FB turned into a web sensation! I was not astounded the number of individuals that affection you! You are the genuine article and it was a delight meeting you! Go Bills!,” she wrote in a Twitter post labeling the quarterback.