Who Is Donnis Chiarella And What Happened To Her Bahamas Resort? Survivor Among Mysterious Deaths


Donnis Chiarella is the overcomer of the staggering occurrence at Sandals Emerald Bay In Exuma, where three American travelers were tracked down dead in their room, including her better half. Further, she was left incapacitated in a similar room where her significant other died on May 6, 2022.

Specifically, she went to Exuma, Bahamas, during the get-away to praise their marriage commemoration with his dearest spouse, Vicent Chiarella. Notwithstanding, a startling occurrence happened to them in their days off.


Then again, the Bahamas authorities started a profound examination behind the obscure passing of three American sightseers around the same time in the Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma.

Who Is Donnis Chiarella? Bahamas Resort Survivor
Donnis Chiarella is a Panama City, Florida local initially from Alabama who has shown up at an extravagance Sandals resort in the Bahamas for their marriage commemoration with her better half. Nonetheless, she lost her better half on Friday morning at Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma.

Donnis Chiarella felt sick the day preceding her better half died as she went for a clinical check and had medication from the facility. Notwithstanding, she fell onto the room floor, incapacitate to move her body, while her better half was at that point dead on the floor on April 6, 2022.

Further, her legs and arms got enlarged, and she called for help yelling at the entryway. The estate’s staff called the clinical benefit and took her to a clinic in New Providence. Likewise, she got carried to Kendall Regional office in Florida on Saturday.

Donnis Chiarella Husband Death: What Happened To Vincent Chiarella? Donnis Chiarella lost her significant other during her Vacation to the Bahamas on April 6, 2022.

Notwithstanding, her significant other’s passing reason is as yet the subject of tension at the ongoing date. Then again, a few visitors at the hotel accepted that he could die because of a defective climate control system or air harming.

As per the George Town Police division, he was tracked down inert in a manor without any indication of injury. Further, there were no indications of seizure when the office assessed his body on the floor. The Group of Environmental wellbeing researchers and doctors has guaranteed it was anything but an issue of general wellbeing dangers.

Further, Bahamas authorities expressed that there is no possible gamble to Exuma occupants at the ongoing date. In any case, the exploring group has not tracked down the reason for death. Further, the police office has not smelled a rat in the demise case.

Donnis Chiarella Age: She Lost Her Sixty-Four Year Old Husband Donnis Chiarella has arrived at the age of 64 at the ongoing date. Notwithstanding, her definite date of birth is as yet missing from the web. Then again, her significant other died at a similar age of 64.

They have been in a delightful conjugal relationship for a long time as they have a developed child Austin Chiarella. She had called her child on Thursday, May 5, to illuminate him about her ailment.