Who is Dr. Tarek Abu Arar, Muslim doctor shot and used as human shield by Hamas?

Dr. Tarek Abu Arar, 33, turned out to be immediately caught in the unexpected assault on the way to his change in the emergency room
He was at Barzilai Emergency clinic in Ashkelon, a waterfront city close to the Gaza line
He was one of four Joined Hatzalah volunteers harmed in Saturday’s contention

Dr. Tarek Abu Arar, a Muslim doctor who regularly comes to the guide of others, ended up in a nerve racking circumstance when he was shot and kept locked down by Hamas fear mongers acting like Israel Protection Powers (IDF) soldiers during an unexpected assault.


Who is Dr. Tarek Abu Arar?

Dr. Abu Arar, a 33-year-old worker with Joined Hatzalah, was on the way to his change in the emergency room at Barzilai Clinic in Ashkelon, a city close to the Gaza line, when the assault unfurled.

As he moved toward an intersection close to Sderot, Dr. Abu Arar experienced somebody who had all the earmarks of being harmed close to a 4×4 vehicle. Around then, there were no reports of invasion, yet he had heard the “high alert” alarm prior, inciting him to wear his tactical armor. Trusting it to be a normal auto crash, he chose to give help.

In any case, the circumstance took a frightening turn when he understood he had been misdirected. An individual in an IDF uniform, around 160 feet away, motioned for his assistance. At the point when he drew nearer, he was out of nowhere shot in the chest. He yelled and imploring, believing that he had been confused with a psychological oppressor.

Dr. Abu Arar before long understood that he was in the possession of Hamas psychological oppressors. Around ten additional people in military clothing arose out of the shrubs, wearing regalia like the Idf’s, and started grilling him in Arabic. They kidnapped him and situated him in the focal point of the intersection.

During the two hours of bondage, the fear mongers started taking shots at passing vehicles, causing setbacks. Dr. Abu Arar was shot in the leg at short proximity and dreaded the following projectile would be in his mind, while he drained bountifully. He petitioned God for a wonder, accepting his life was in grave peril.

Luckily, around 45 minutes after the IDF powers pulled out, a Yamam commando unit, Israel’s Public Counter Fear Unit, showed up, taking out the psychological militants and safeguarding Dr. Abu Arar. They applied a tourniquet to his leg prior to shipping him to Soroka Medical clinic for therapy, from which he was subsequently delivered. His gallant experience features the tumult and peril that guiltless people looked during the contention with Hamas.