Who Is Dre McCray Husband In Coma And What Happened To Him? Slay With Dre McCray


Dre McCray is an individual of note who is viral on TikTok under the username @xo.cray. She likewise possesses a business called Blingin’ On A Budget, which sells frill.

Likewise, she has a YouTube channel called Andrea McCray with great many endorsers. It as of now has more than 36.7k devotees. Her other channel is accessible as The McCray Tribe, with 7.62K supporters.


For her restorative instructional exercises and other unique material, McCray is very much perceived. She has shared a couple of recordings on her YouTube account including her dedicated mate Vonny.

As of now, Dre is by all accounts struggling as her significant other is in a trance like state. She oftentimes posts refreshes about her significant other’s wellbeing on TikTok.

Who Is Dre McCray’s Husband And What Happened To Him? Dre McCray’s significant other is Vonny, a tactical veteran. Seven years into their marriage, the couple supposedly ready for their authority pre-marriage ceremony.

Tragically, something turned out badly, and Vonny is by and by in a state of unconsciousness. Notwithstanding, McCray accepts that her requests will without a doubt fix her better half’s illness.

As per McCray on TikTok, her sweetheart mate, Vonny, supported a cerebrum injury. The woman is currently completely focusing on her better half’s recuperation.

She composed a message on Instagram on June 16 showing Von’s a medical procedure was a triumph. The trach and the g-tube have been embedded, she added.

As of now, the extra realities with respect to his physical issue, the analysis, and the visualization are immaterial.

She said the precise data would be delivered once Vonny recuperated and emerged from the emergency clinic.

Everybody’s heart will be warmed by McCray’s adoration and care for her significant other and how much thought and exertion she has placed into his recuperation.

Experiences On Slay With Dre McCray Weight Loss Journey Andrea McCray is prevalently known as Slay With Dre McCray on Facebook. Recently, the web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with has lost a sizable measure of her weight.

In January 2022, she posted photographs of her change, flaunting her seven-month weight reduction venture.

@xo.cray My heart!!! 😭😭😭 I’m in tears writing this. The way his mama (great grandma but real mother nonetheless) raised him, loves him, nurtures him, and soothes him makes my heart so full!! Just look at the way he responds to her voice!! I can’t 😭😭😭 He is such a special man. I love him so much!!! #JehovahHealVonshine ♬ original sound – Dre McCray

“I’ve cherished myself at each size,” she expressed, “I love myself significantly more now since I’m recognizing my body with food.”

With Dr. Sebi’s direction, she rolled out dietary improvements, including the expansion of ocean greenery, moringa, and home grown teas, which have all altered the manner in which her body recuperates from illnesses.

She has shot her weight reduction venture on her YouTube channel to teach individuals about this way of life top to bottom.

Dre McCray Net Worth: How Much Does She Have Now? De McCray’s total assets ought to be around $285 to $1.71K. Be that as it may, the remedy information on her profit haven’t been delivered.

According to reports, she pockets more than $100 week by week because of her YouTube channel. Since she started her YouTube venture, it has been right around 11 years.

The points of interest of McCray’s funds are yet obscure. In the interim, she is more centered around her better half’s speedy recuperation.

Through this article, we wish Vonny great wellbeing and salute Andrea for her courage during this difficult time.