Who Is Duane Heard From Spartanburg SC? Suspect Who Shot An Officer


The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office has tended to that Duane Heard, a suspect supposedly taken shots at a representative on help. Both, the appointee and suspect were shot during an official included shooting.

Spartanburg has ended up in a functioning shooting between the suspect and the cops. On Anderson Mill Road and Highway 290, the episode happened which caused dread in the territory.


The authorities have begun their examination and have partaken in question and answer sessions. Everyone is communicating their interests about the episode, and a similar nature later on.

The USA has been one of the dynamic spots for monstrous shootings, and Spartanburg is the focal point this time. We should figure out the insights concerning the occurrence.

Who Is Duane Heard From Spartanburg SC? Duane Heard is a suspect from Spartanburg SC, who supposedly shot a delegate working associated with gunfire alongside different officials.

The shooter, Duane is a crook suspect under an undisclosed charge. The police office has not delivered many insights concerning the suspect right now.

The neighbors were the initial ones to report the suspect. They depicted the suspect, his vehicle, and his heading of movement. After the tip from the neighbors, officials were looking through him at the gave address.

In any case, a delegate found the area of the suspect in Anderson Mill Road toward S.C. Parkway 290 and endeavored a quick traffic stop.

An enormous police presence was set up at 4214 Chaffee Road close to the Oak Forest Subdivision Tuesday evening. Everyone was intently observing the circumstance and guaranteeing the full wellbeing of the residents.

Suspect In Officer Shooting Duane Heard Arrested: What Happened? After the suspect was found going down Anderson Mill Road, the cop captured him solely after mayhem.

While he was detected, a representative attempted to make a crisis traffic stop. Duane, the excellent suspect even behaved like he planned to give up him to the agent.

Notwithstanding, Duane discharged the primary shot at the agent attempting to stop him. The news was given to the Sherrif Office in the wake of answering an approach Tuesday evening by the representative.

The suspect subsequent to shooting the representative destroyed his vehicle close to the Keurig Dr. Pepper plant and ran into the forest. Smack specialists and K-9 were sent in the forest.

The suspect was recovered from the forest effectively. None of the representatives at the second and third scenes were harmed.

At the question and answer session by the region police office, the suspended Duane Heard was shot two times yet is supposed to live. Likewise, the appointee is additionally under treatment and is recuperating.

Duane Heard Family Details The excellent suspect, Duane Heard is keeping his family subtleties from the eye of the media and press.

The majority of his subtleties couldn’t be recovered from the web. His folks are accepted to be carrying on with life away from their child through terrible media. They should be shattered right now.

Duane was tracked down in the forest with a rifle close to him. The social locales are going off the deep end raising their interests. Duane, who doesn’t utilize Facebook is censured on the stage for his new shooting choice.

The suspect of undisclosed age, Duane is right now in prison time and soon he might confront his preliminary in court.