Who is Edward Druzolowski? Florida man kills neighbour over trimming tree

Edward Druzolowski, a 78-year-old Florida man, faces a second-degree murder accusation for killing Brian Passage
The fight happened when Portage was managing trees along the property line
Druzolowski, with no earlier criminal history, stays in guardianship as the examination unfurls

In an occurrence that unfurled in DeLeon Springs, Florida, a warmed property question heightened to a deadly experience. Edward Druzolowski, a 78-year-old inhabitant of DeLeon Springs, is presently confronting a second-degree murder accusation after supposedly shooting and killing his neighbor, 42-year-old Brian Portage. The quarrel took a deadly turn on Sunday night, marking a nerve racking misfortune in the tranquil area.


As per the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, the occurrence happened at around 7:13 p.m. Brian Passage was taken part in managing tree appendages along the wall line, an action that clearly crossed the property limit. Edward Druzolowski faced Portage about his presence on his property. As pressures erupted, Druzolowski purportedly took steps to shoot Portage. At the point when Passage didn’t notice the admonition and clear the region, Druzolowski supposedly depended on brutality, lethally shooting him.

The results of the debate were desperate. Following the shooting, the initial two appointees who showed up at the scene endeavored life-saving measures, frantically attempting to restore Brian Portage. Notwithstanding, regardless of their courageous endeavors, Portage capitulated to his wounds and was unfortunately articulated dead.

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office quickly answered the occurrence, giving an underlying explanation on Facebook: “Miserable news to report this evening: Volusia sheriff’s investigators are researching a deadly shooting between neighbors in DeLeon Springs.”

Who is Edward Druzolowski?

In the fallout of the lamentable shooting, Edward Druzolowski was arrested and presently faces a second-degree murder allegation. As of the most recent accessible data, he remains detained without bond, anticipating judicial procedures.

Preceding this sad occurrence, Edward Druzolowski had no kept criminal history in Volusia Region, adding to the perplexity of the savage a showdown. The intentions and variables prompting such a question stay being scrutinized as policing work to unwind the subtleties encompassing this disrupting occurrence.

Edward Druzolowski is planned for his most memorable court appearance, a critical stage in the legitimate cycle that might reveal more insight into the conditions encompassing the lethal shooting.