Who is Elizabeth El-Nakla? Scottish leader’s Hamza Yousaf sends tearful video from Gaza

Elizabeth El-Nakla, Scottish pioneer Humza Yousaf’s mother by marriage, shares the predicament of Gazans in the midst of continuous clash
With significant passageways shut, regular folks persevere through a critical compassionate emergency
Earnest worldwide mediation is expected to address the heightening calamity

In a tragic video, Elizabeth El-Nakla, the mother by marriage of Scottish pioneer Humza Yousaf, shares the critical circumstances looked by Gazans in the midst of the continuous clash. With Gaza’s significant passages shut, regular people get through a helpful emergency demolished by the suspension of fundamental assets.


Who is Elizabeth El-Nakla?

Elizabeth El-Nakla, a resigned nurture from Dundee, Scotland, is the mother of Humza Yousaf’s better half, Nadia. Caught in Gaza because of the new heightening of threats, she has turned into a strong voice, featuring the situation of guiltless regular folks trapped in the contention. Her profound supplication highlights the critical requirement for global mediation to address the unfurling helpful calamity.

Caught in the midst of the raising struggle, El-Nakla’s sorrowful voice reverberated as she portrayed the staggering circumstances persevered by north of 1,000,000 individuals, featuring the desperate absence of fundamental assets in the midst of tenacious bombardments.

Communicating the predicament of Gaza’s blockaded populace, El-Nakla’s personal message scrutinized the world’s reaction to the unfurling fiasco, accentuating the desperation of the philanthropic emergency unfurling in the district. With Gaza’s significant passages shut, the circumstance for regular citizens has become progressively desperate, inciting a source of inspiration from the global local area.

The continuous clash, started by a new flood in threats among Hamas and Israel, has set off boundless pulverization, prompting a sharp decay in day to day environments exacerbated by the cutting of fundamental utilities. As the hardship proceeds, the aggregate enduring of honest regular people stays a basic concern, inciting earnest allures for a suspension of threats and a purposeful work to address the unfurling compassionate fiasco.