Who is Emma Johanna Fritzdotter, Swedish activist detained after gluing themselves to a Monet painting

Emma Johanna Fritzdotter is from the naturalist bunch Reestablish Wetlands
Fritzdotter and one more lady were caught on camera heaving red paint at a Monet craftsmanship
The two got captured

Subsequent to heaving red paint at a Monet fine art and a while later taping themselves to the casing, two ladies were captured in Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday. One of them was Emma Johanna Fritzdotter.


Who is Emma Johanna Fritzdotter?

Not much is been aware of Emma Johanna Fritzdotter other than the way that she is from the tree hugger bunch Reestablish Wetlands. On June 14, 2022, Fritzdotter and one more lady were caught on camera sticking to a Monet work of art at the Public Historical center in Stockholm and covering it in red paint.

The ladies, as per the association, went to these lengths to come down on the Swedish government to bring down ozone depleting substance outflows.

“The circumstance is earnest. As a medical caretaker, I will not watch. The pandemic was nothing contrasted with the environment breakdown. It’s about critical. Fritzdotter in a news discharge, shouted.”

“Individuals won’t simply die from heat stroke. New infections will spread, and we couldn’t in fact envision the degree of this,” she expressed.

Police were called, as per the exhibition hall, after the two ladies taped themselves to Monet’s “The Craftsman’s Nursery at Giverny.” The image was in plain view in a show called “The Nursery – Six Centuries of Workmanship and Nature.” It was safeguarded by glass.

Per Hedström, the exhibition hall’s acting chief general, gave an assertion saying, “We limit any association with activities where craftsmanship or social legacy are seriously endangered of harm. Social legacy has extraordinary emblematic worth and it is unsuitable to assault or annihilate it, for any reason at all.”