Who Is Fidias? YouTuber Has Now Spend Almost a Month Outside SPACEX, to Hug Elon Musk

Internet star and YouTuber Fidias Panayiotou hails from Cyprus however presently is living within the United States. He has won notoriety on YouTube way to the various motion pictures he has published from undeveloped international locations. But he shot to repute after showing up in videos by way of outstanding YouTube creators like Airrack and MrBeast, wherein he competed for a coins prize of 1/2 1,000,000 bucks.

Biography of Fidias Fidias changed into born on April tenth, 1996, to Cypriot parents. He spent his entire formative years there, attending simple, center, and excessive college. Fidias’s real name is Fidias Panayiotou, and he become nurtured in a Christian family earlier than graduating from the University of Cyprus. Fidias’s father is a clergyman, and from an early age, he became expected to observe in his footsteps.


Professional Career of Fidias Beginning his expert existence as an military officer, Fidias signed up for YouTube on March 13, 2019, and uploaded his first video, titled “Fidias First Video (so horrible),” on March 18, 2019. He reached one thousand followers in August 2019 for his way of life and vlog motion pictures.

He’s currently making movies approximately his travels, demanding situations, and pranks; his most popular films include “I Shook The Hands Of The Top 100 YouTubers,” “I Traveled Across America for Free,” “How I Won A Lamborghini From MrBeast,” and many greater.


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Not simplest does he manage a retail keep where you may purchase his Hoodies and T-shirts, but he also teaches others how to make it large on YouTube. Over the years, he has collected over 60,000 Instagram fans and over 187,000 TikTok lovers.

What Country Does Fidias Call Home? Fidias became born in Cyprus to a circle of relatives with twin citizenship inside the United States and Cyprus. He changed into born to Cypriot mother and father and finished his whole formal education there.

Net Worth of Fidias Fidias, whose actual call is Fifi Panayiotou, is a well-known YouTuber based in Cyprus. It is estimated that he’s well worth $500,000 at this time.

His films typically feature him exploring new places and finishing loopy challenges whilst he’s there. In addition, he has taken element in a few of MrBeast’s challenges, prevailing the “Last to Take Hand off Lamborghini, Keeps It” opposition. His take was a Lamborghini really worth $three hundred,000.

Fidias rose to fame in 2021, while the number of subscribers to his channel commenced increasing swiftly. He commonly provides new films two times or three instances every month.

Fidias’s YouTube Income. Up to The Year 2022, the Channel Had Over 1.4 Million Subscribers and 120 Million Views. On A Daily Basis, It Pulls in Around 250,000 Views from Various Channels. Assuming that 100% of The Adverts on The Videos Are Clicked On, This Might Bring in $2,000 Daily ($730,000 Annually).

Content Creators in The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia Can Expect to Earn Between $2 and $12 in keeping with Thousand Monetized Views After YouTube Deducts Its Fees. Revenue Share Often Falls Between 40 and 80 Percent.


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Ad Inventory, the Number of Advertising on A Video, the Percentage of Viewers Who Skip the Commercials, the Types of Ads, the Level of Engagement the Ads Generate, the Nature of The Content, the Time of Year, the Viewer’s Location, the Device Used to Play the Video, and So on All Play a Role.

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To Supplement His Revenue, Fidias Secures Direct Sponsorship for His Videos. Many Well-Known Companies Have Benefited from His Marketing Expertise, Including Noom, Kamikoto, Manscaped, Morning Brew, Current, Etc.

Elon Musk Being Hugged with the aid of Fidias. 26-Year-Old “Fidias” Fifi Panayiotou Has Prepared a Series of Bizarre and Audacious Movies in An Attempt to Get the Eye of Elon Musk, the Newest Ceo of Twitter. After His Most Recent Video in The Series, Which Is Usually Captioned “day X of Trying to Give Elon Musk a Hug,” He Has Gotten a Lot of Attention for The Series.The Creator of YouTube Videos Produced a Video in The “shorts” Section of His Channel, Stating Why He Wanted His Followers to Flood Elon’s Mom’s Social Media with Messages Telling Him What He Should Do.

However, the Move Backfired when Musk’s Mom Took to Twitter to Blast the Spam Comments and Warn Her Son About the Rantings of The Account’s Owner.


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Fidias Panayiotou (@fidias0)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

It’s Possible Elon Musk Was Trying to Disprove This, however There’s No Denying the Fact that He Has a Massive Fan Base. This Was Recently Demonstrated whilst A Little but Resourceful YouTuber Named Fidias Accepted the Challenge of Embracing a hundred Celebrities.

The reality that Elon Musk Was the Last Person He Hugged Added an Extra Layer of Difficulty. However The Main Question Is Whether or Not Fidias Will Be Able to Finish The project and avoid going home with best ninety nine hugs from celebs.

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