Who is Francesca Martinez-Greenberg? NYC woman caught tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis by Hamas

A lady was found destroying banners of hijacked Israelis in New York City
The lady recognized as Francesca Martinez-Greenberg is supposedly a realistic and UX originator in New York City
A few X clients pummeled her for her activities

A lady recognized as Francesca Martinez-Greenberg was found destroying banners of grabbed Israelis in New York City.


The lady was gotten on camera while she was destroying pictures of abducted Israelis by Hamas.

Who is Francesca Martinez-Greenberg?

Francesca Martinez-Greenberg is purportedly a realistic and UX originator in New York City. She works for the Middle on Public safety at Fordham Regulation. According to her LinkedIn, The video of her activities became a web sensation via virtual entertainment. A few X clients pummeled her for her activities.

One client responded to the video, “Francesca has some mentality on her, what did those individuals at any point do to her?”

“We solicitation to all state run administrations if it’s not too much trouble, give security to all Jews understudies or residents.” another client composed.

One X client tweeted, “Expel her. She merits no spot in the public eye, and surely not in this country.”

The contention among Israel and Gaza has unfortunately brought about the deficiency of almost 10,000 lives. Therefore, Israel is confronting mounting strain to relax its limitations on Gaza. Rosario’s sincere suppositions with regards to this issue have prodded a more extensive conversation in regards to the suitability of different types of dissent during times of worldwide precariousness.

The drawn out battle among Israel and Hamas has prompted an ascent in xenophobic occurrences that affect Jewish people group around the world. Heidi Beirich, fellow benefactor of the Worldwide Undertaking Against Disdain and Fanaticism, knows about the pattern showing an upsurge in disdain wrongdoings in the Center East during seasons of emergency.

Strains all through the world have increased after Israel fought back to Hamas’ fear strikes on October 7, and anti-Jewish episodes against American Jews have raised. Carolyn Normandin, the provincial overseer of the Counter Slander Association (ADL) in Michigan, has noticed a huge expansion in cases in her state.

The ADL detailed a 388% expansion in xenophobic occurrences the nation over contrasted with a similar period last year, as per reports.