Who is Gleb Karakulov? Vladimir Putin’s protection officer defects, calls Russian president ‘paranoid war criminal’

Gleb Karakulov was born in 1988
He is a skipper in the Government Watchman Administration, otherwise called the FGS or FSO
He filled in as a security official for Russia’s leader

Gleb Karakulov, a Russian turncoat, considered the Russian president a “war criminal” and guaranteed that neurotic Vladimir Putin stows away “in his fortification” out of dread of death endeavors.


Who is Gleb Karakulov? Gleb Karakulov, born in 1988, is a skipper in the Government Watchman Administration, otherwise called the FGS or FSO, and recently functioned as a security official for Russia’s leader.

Karakulov escaped to Istanbul on a work excursion to Kazakhstan in October 2022, in the wake of going with President Vladamir Putin on in excess of 180 outings over the past 13 years.

In 2023, Karakulov considered Russian President Vladimir Putin a “suspicious conflict criminal.”

Karakulov’s significant other and girl additionally escaped through Kazakhstan and Istanbul.

As per the previous FSO official, President Putin likes to remain “in his dugout” as opposed to travel since he is alarmed by a death endeavor. The Russian president is likewise said to go with a 2.5-meter-high box to forestall breaks and Western messing with of his mysterious gatherings.

He added that staff individuals can work in similar room as Putin after they have been in disengagement for quite some time. Putin, he said, is disconnecting himself for the fourth year straight out of fear of contracting Coronavirus.

President Putin doesn’t utilize a cell phone or the web, so Karakulov claims that his insight into recent developments is separated through the mystery administrations and what he sees on state-run Russian television.

Talking about the contention in Ukraine, Karakulov encouraged soldiers to offer facts that would show Putin to be a “war criminal,” guaranteeing that the contention is “shockingly awful” and “challenges reason.”

The previous FSO official professed to know nothing about Putin’s supposed relationship with gymnastic specialist Alina Kabaeva, 39, and their small kids, yet he affirmed that the Russian chief claims the £1 billion bluff top castle at Gelendzhik on the Dark Ocean and the personal ship Scheherazade, as recently detailed by Russia’s autonomous media.

In light of reports that the Russian chief is critically ill, Karakulov said he doesn’t know about any solid data that Putin has malignant growth or has had disease previously and guaranteed that his colleagues don’t discuss it.